Friday, December 4, 2020

Kamusta Ka Na Kaibigan?

Para kang dinadagukan ng sunod sunod. Tipong di mo pa naiaangat ulo mo para tingnan kung sino ang humampas, may hahampas na uling isa pa. Hanggang parang mamamanhid na lang ang ulo mo sa hampas, at yuyuko ka na lang. Ganyan na ang sitwasyon ng ilan sa atin ngayong taon.

A short message, an sms or a call. Kaibigan, may nangamusta na ba sa yo, or may kinumusta ka na ba? Sa mga tropa at barkada, kapamilya at kamag-anak, sa mga dating kasama. We've been in quarantine for too long, and some of us already learned to live with it and adjusted perfectly. Some are even enjoying it. But there are those whose personality, character, lifestyle and psychology are not fit for it.

I'm not even talking about those who have mental conditions. Even those who are not clinically depressed are affected by what's happening. We are not just facing the pandemic. We are facing joblessness, natural calamities, losing family members not just from covid, loneliness and other unfortunate situations. We can't even do those activities that were keeping us sane previously. Our releases like doing sports, playing and watching music with friends, going outdoors, socializing, and yes, even the usual work. Yes, we are able to do some of them now with certain limits, but it's still a different world out there. And these precautions are needed to be done though.

We can't control these things. But what we can do is to remind ourselves that we humans are social animals that need connection with our fellowmen no matter what circumstances we are in. Whether you are an introvert, an extrovert or in between, we all still need to connect with one another especially during these times. No judgement. No toxicity. All heart.

Kamusta ka na kaibigan? Ayos ka lang ba? Dito lang ako pag kailangan mo ng kausap.

Friday, May 29, 2020

Aral o Hinto Dahil sa Covid 19

"Ang hirap pumasok! Di lahat may sasakyan. Tapos di pa natin alam if sino ang may virus. Bakit pipiliting magtrabaho at makisalamuha sa maraming tao na di ko alam kung san nanggaling? Oo yung iba puede pa ring mag work at pumasok, pero paano yung mga mahihirap lalo na at walang sasakyan? Mapagiiwanan sila at magugutom. Kaya tama lang yan na wala na lang muna trabaho lahat."

Palitan natin ng salitang "pag-aaral" yung trabaho. Ano, ok pa rin ba yung tunog ng argumento?

Di ko sinabing papasukin nyo anak nyo. Di ko rin sinabing pahintuin. Di ko rin sinabing tama na walang pasok o mali na walang pasok. Ang tanong ko lang, tama ba yung rason mo na hilinging wala na lang talagang klase muna ngayong taon.

Ang pag aaral ay karapatan (sabi ng iba). Ito rin ay pribilehiyo (sabi rin ng iba). Pero ang realidad ngayon, hindi lahat ay nakakapag aral. May iba ay kulang sa kakayahan. May iba naman  choice lang nila. May iba naman e talagang di makapasa. To summarize, hindi lahat nakakapag aral. 

So ano ang bago? Bakit kailangang biglang ngayon, dahil di kaya ng iba na mag aral, e dapat idamay na natin ang lahat? Hindi ito pagiging  insensitibo, kundi pagiging positibo. Idadamay mo yung may kakayahan kahit hindi nila kasalanan na yugn iba ay hindi kaya? Isa pa, di ba paborito naman na "kasabihan" ng mga Pinoy yung mga patungkol sa mga "may pinag-aralan" at pagkatapos ay babanatan? 

At isa pa, bakit, sa eskwela lang ba puede matuto ang tao? Kayo rin ang may paborito nyang kasabihan na yan di ba? So ano ang kinakatakot at kinakagalit natin sa mga gustong mag-aral at may kakayahang mag aral? Choice mo naman yan sa anak mo if ayaw mo siya papasukin. Di ka namin pipigilan. Ang sa kin lang, sana pag isipan mo naman minsan yung sinasabi mo, at baka sunod ka lang ng sunod sa sinasabi ng mga iniidolo mo.

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Benefit of the Doubt

For a peaceful mind, always give people the benefit of the doubt. But for your own good, after repetitions of action, you have to limit it until your doubts are cut down into just two. 

The first one is that maybe the person is doing bad things intentionally, and the second one is that maybe he is just too stupid to realize that what he's doing is harmful to others despite you reaching out to him about it. 

If things go down to this, it is high time to avoid contact with that person as much as possible so you can continue to enjoy your tranquility and safety.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Selective Sympathy, Is There Such A Thing?

Sympathy is a natural emotion and reaction of feeling empathy towards the misfortune of others. It cannot be called selective because if it is, it will not be natural and therefore, it is not sympathy. But it will only exist understandably on what captures the attention, for human time is limited and it can not all the time outward looking.

But frustration and disappointment are different. They must not be mistaken for sympathy. When it is the fireman who burns the house, that's frustrating. When it's the doctor that injects deadly virus to the patient, that's disappointing. But when the thief steals someone's property, you'll sympathize with the victim, but will you get similarly disappointed or frustrated with the thief?

You may also sympathize with the owner of the house that got burnt, and the patient who acquired the virus but you will NOT put in much thought on getting frustrated and disappointed with the thief equalled to how you feel with the doctor and the fireman. 

There's a standard, expectation and most importantly "trust" to what roles we expect the fireman and the doctor to accomplish. And yet when they do the opposite, it's frustrating and disappointing, "trust" gets tainted, psyche gets rattled and so we "panic". 

While for the thief, we "expected" him to do bad things. If you don't believe me, just think of the reason why you close your doors, put the locks and tighten your security. And it is also "expected" for the thief to face the law and gets penalized for what is expected of him. It is natural to avoid getting victimized by the thief, yet it is unnatural to avoid the doctors in times of sickness or to think that the fireman will be the one to put our houses on fire.

So no, there is no such thing as selective sympathy. There is only sympathy, and then there is frustration and disappointment.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

His Will But Will You?

God provides us chances, opportunities, direction, guidance and even the desire to do what is good and what is right. Yet, He also gave us free will.
Despite having all of these and still not doing anything with them in your life, don't ask God why when you are feeling down. Ask yourself why you did not act when you had the chance to prepare. 

But the good thing is that everyday is a chance given to us to start again.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Our Hearts' Desires

We rarely notice that we have this tendency of demeaning the naturally good or amoral things. Some of the most common examples are decency, money and being a churchgoer. It is done usually by equating the first one to a cloak for a darker character, the second as a sign of greed or materialism, and the latter for being a hypocrite.

Examining deeper, such behavior is actually a result of frustration or envy. Like for how some succumbs to the hardships of self-control than striving for decency in spite of failing constantly. And on how the misfortune of others are blamed upon those who are better of in terms of material wealth while finding faults and attributing it to their affluence. Lastly for those who surrendered to the pressures of sins while trying to drag with them those who continuously persevere despite acknowledging their status of being a sinner. 

To summarize it, while having different reactions, deep in our hearts we all have the same desires for we all have the same Creator. 

Monday, March 13, 2017

Treat First Chances as Your Last

My blog's 5th anniversary will be happening this month. Since I started with this blog, a lot of great opportunities opened up for me and I've known a lot of people because of it and many of them became good friends. 

I can say that this blog gave me a lot of chances in life. And I do hope I used them all wisely. Here's to more fruitful years to come for all of us. Thank you my dear readers.

Lose Yourself cover by yours truly


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