Friday, December 4, 2020

Kamusta Ka Na Kaibigan?

Para kang dinadagukan ng sunod sunod. Tipong di mo pa naiaangat ulo mo para tingnan kung sino ang humampas, may hahampas na uling isa pa. Hanggang parang mamamanhid na lang ang ulo mo sa hampas, at yuyuko ka na lang. Ganyan na ang sitwasyon ng ilan sa atin ngayong taon.

A short message, an sms or a call. Kaibigan, may nangamusta na ba sa yo, or may kinumusta ka na ba? Sa mga tropa at barkada, kapamilya at kamag-anak, sa mga dating kasama. We've been in quarantine for too long, and some of us already learned to live with it and adjusted perfectly. Some are even enjoying it. But there are those whose personality, character, lifestyle and psychology are not fit for it.

I'm not even talking about those who have mental conditions. Even those who are not clinically depressed are affected by what's happening. We are not just facing the pandemic. We are facing joblessness, natural calamities, losing family members not just from covid, loneliness and other unfortunate situations. We can't even do those activities that were keeping us sane previously. Our releases like doing sports, playing and watching music with friends, going outdoors, socializing, and yes, even the usual work. Yes, we are able to do some of them now with certain limits, but it's still a different world out there. And these precautions are needed to be done though.

We can't control these things. But what we can do is to remind ourselves that we humans are social animals that need connection with our fellowmen no matter what circumstances we are in. Whether you are an introvert, an extrovert or in between, we all still need to connect with one another especially during these times. No judgement. No toxicity. All heart.

Kamusta ka na kaibigan? Ayos ka lang ba? Dito lang ako pag kailangan mo ng kausap.

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