Thursday, November 6, 2014

Educate Yourself by Reading Facebook Comments (and being lazy)

 I am the laziest person that I know. There are some guys that might beat me at that but since I can monitor myself more than them; I get more evidences that I’m the one. I don’t know how some people can focus and complete their jobs easily. They are good at deadlines. Following and remembering instructions for them are so relaxed. I can’t do most of my tasks without being distracted a lot. Before I typed that last sentence, it took me a while to write it because I heard some noise downstairs and it got me thinking far from what I was doing. I thought of food. 

It is a cliché but Facebook indeed plays a big part of our modern lives. We’ve been surfing the internet scattered for some years before we were sucked into this black hole which we now call the social media. It’s an organized disorganized way of sharing and telling people what you do, where you go, what you are, what you think even what you eat, wear, read, watch, hate, like, love in the world wide web. It’s not even surprising that it makes a good marketing ploy for some as news spread like fire when there’s something controversial explodes in our midst. Log in and you’ll see the information in a minute. Or even seconds. 

With all these shared news, what I usually do first is read the comments and look at the common and popular ones. There’s that usual phenomenon on these sections that 70% of the comments are similar, 10% are informative, 10% are in contrast of the majority, 5% makes sense, 5% is total garbage, or maybe more for the last one. If you ask me how I got this, this is from 100% of my opinion and observation. And I’m sure that many will agree with it though. And some will not, but it’s ok since you are only 10%. 

Seeing how similar most people think, it makes one ask if it’s reality that most of us are agreeing with each other or it’s just many are lazy to think deeper.  Replies are too predictable. And we can’t learn anything from them anymore. 

Again, laziness gets into me when I read these comments that when I think I have something to contribute to the discussion, I still choose not to. But when I feel like it, I look for the most commented and liked one. Most of the time, I disagree with it. I am not trying to be a contrarian but that’s what usually happens. I know that there’s something wrong with what they are saying. But just saying that they are wrong wouldn’t give any value to them, to the readers and to me. So I start researching and reading anything about the subject. After getting more facts and drawing some conclusions, I may reply to the post, and may also not. Sometimes I write about them here. Or I just talk about it and share with people around me. And by doing that, I understood the matter more than before. And the bottom line is I learned something better from reading the Facebook comments. And my laziness helped me on that.


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