Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Criticism and Judgement

We all commit sins and make mistakes. And by acknowledging that fact, it implies that it is within our capacity to judge either inwardly or outwardly if something is amiss.

And it is our duty to call the wrong things we see despite being imperfect ourselves. For justice and order could only be attained if we guard each other's actions since most of the time, we misjudge our own deeds due to personal bias and survival tendencies. No one should be beyond criticism. And being shut down for whatever reasons including being called out for the mistakes that one had done in the past or in the present is an injustice in itself. The proper way to address criticism is to listen first and reflect, not to look for ways to criticize in return and be defensive right away. Everything has its time.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Learn From All To Learn All

A broken clock would tell you the right time twice in a day. While another one which is adjusted a minute in advance will always show you what is close to the exact time but it will never tell the accurate hour at any moment. Just like how truth and wisdom is not a monopoly among the learned and educated. They might tell you what seems to be the right thing, but don't settle right away. Widen your options. For we can always learn a thing or two even from the most unexpected places, things, situations or person. While there might be obvious sources from where you can get the information you want, discriminating due to presumptions will always be a disadvantage to someone who truly seek for truth and knowledge.

Find Your Reason

Hold on to your reasons, not to your plans. You may have the most detailed list of your next action items for the coming days. But if the reason you have for making those plans isn't solid enough, then those steps are useless. Set your priorities first and from there, you'll find the compelling reasons needed to identify your next steps and you'll never have to formulate those pointless plans ever again.

Create Your Luck

Luck is an opportunity that comes to someone who's deserving and ready of such privilege. Being at the right place at the right time when a good thing comes is not luck for merely going to that place or staying there for that moment is an effort and a decision in itself. And even if a good chance arrives at someone but is not prepared, it is more probable that it will harm instead of benefiting that person.

Again, It's Logic First

Most of the inconsistencies and bad decisions whether in relationships, career or even politics are made when people let emotion get in the way of logic and start thinking too much about self gain. On the other hand, choices taken are usually better when one puts on his thinking cap first and begins to truly care for others.

Balancing Act

Whenever we are presented with a challenge or an opportunity, you always get two options. First is to take action, and second is to make an excuse and justify why you don't need it. Whichever your choice may be, either of them will cost you time. And it is time alone that will tell if you have chosen to spend it correctly.

Expertise Is Gold

In baseball, an experienced batter can decide within a split second to swing on a pitch or not. His experiences give him the advantage to make quick good judgement. He knows when it's better to wait for the next ball than make do with what's facing him at that moment. Just how it is that a knowledgeable person understands that he does not need to grab every enticing chance that life throws at him. Discernment, and proper management of energy and time are privileges of the learned and the prepared.

Start From The Bottom

"No where to go but up" does not only apply to success but also to character. Acknowledging that there will always be people who are better than you in many aspect will open more doors to knowledge and improvement. By keeping in mind that we aren't always right will also pave way for better understanding. Humility is indeed the mother of all virtues.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Move The Stars

One line that divides laziness and patience is on how you position yourself while waiting for an opportunity to come. Are you just sitting back while waiting for the stars to align or are you the one pushing them to move towards your favor?

Values Are Forever

Doing things in a wild and loud manner is as being true to self as when one is prim, proper and silent. It's just that many of those who choose the former think that these are the only way of expressing themselves for it being the easier one by today's pop culture where formality and self-restraint are re-framed as hypocrisy and vulgarity as honesty. Don't mind the society though. The narratives will change, but human values will not.


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