Monday, January 11, 2016

Leader's Apology

I still feel embarrassed every time I remember those mistakes I did in the past. Most especially those that I did while thinking I was doing the right and best thing just to realize later how shameful those actions were. Some say it's maturity. I think it's a curse though. Maybe I better be stuck into thinking they were right all along. Or maybe not. I don't know. I just feel bad about myself. Or maybe, more of how people thought of me. Do they still think I'm like that person now? Or am I just thinking that they still remember me? I hope they don't.

Everyone makes mistakes. Even Steph Curry takes bad shots. Or does he? We are all bound to do something wrong in our jobs and relationships. That's 100% accurate. The difference is our perception and reaction on that mistake. Are we always on denial? Do we always find things to justify it? Or do we accept and apologize for it? 

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Leadership requires strength. Not only physical but more on the emotional. As a leader, getting caught on the wrong end could be seen as a weakness especially if it's a careless one. If you think you can simply hide it, then you're wrong. Your members would be the first one to see and feel it. They might be smiling at you but behind all of that is them thinking that you could have done better. But it's not the end of it. What your followers are looking for is your reaction after that blunder. They listen to your words. Some take it to the heart. They won't bother a lot if you make a mistake. But they would if you do something opposite of what you say. Much more if it's obvious that you are just trying to cover up something. They can smell hypocrisy from a mile. More than anything, that's the worst thing you could do. Just stop. Accept the mistake. Apologize. Make amends. Correct what could be corrected and learn from what you couldn't. Apologizing is strength. And leaders must be strong even when he's wrong.

If given the chance, I would like to apologize for those who I did wrong. Sometimes I can't sleep at night wondering if they are still angry at me. Or maybe laughing thinking how stupid I was. Maybe I'll reach out to some of them soon. Then I'll say sorry then they'll say I'm forgiven. But they could also say "huh?!?". That's more likely. So I'll just stop, move on with my life and try to avoid doing the same mistakes in the future.


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