Tuesday, September 24, 2013

It Consists Inconsistency

At times when I can’t write anything, I back read my older blog posts and other notes that I wrote.  And more often than not, I find seemingly contradicting statements. It could be that I was looking at the same thing differently. Or it could be that I improved my way of thinking that’s why there’s a change. Or maybe, I’m just being inconsistent.

You should not be worrying about consistency if you have strong convictions and foundation of character. But the same reason makes it more difficult to determine your personal inconsistency since it will just be a product for the lack of the two and noticing it is even harder.

But there are the usual suspects. I’m sure I have these moments myself. Like those who associate themselves with people who achieve something. They look for something in common between them and the winners trying to ride on their laurels while doing nothing.  But if a person of the same identification as theirs will do something humiliating, they are the first one to defend their selves by disassociating the person from what he did and from what group they might both came from.  Suddenly it’s not about the person’s roots, educational background, family, color, gender or any other major belonging you can think of about human beings.

But if it’s recognition that another person achieves, even if it’s as trivial as having the same brand of underwear will be used to link themselves to them.  And I am trying to change this behavior by remembering who I am, where I came from and who I was with before I try to do something, not after I did it. Or more so when it’s the other people who did something which is great and I didn’t. Or you can simplify it by thinking that every human being is capable to do things that the other person can, given the normal conditions and situations.  I said normal because there are people who are special. Those who can do something better at one thing than any of us but certainly have weaknesses in the other department. Just the usual.

Here's another common example. There are those who are against stereotyping and discrimination. They usually are the “fighter” type of person who always seemed ready to stand up for the small ones.  Unfortunately, some of them also are guilty of having these ready stereotypes on others just by the stuffs people do, have, wear, listen, read, watch or write. Sure, there are things that really are not good to do or to have. But there are reasons why people do some things not merely to enjoy it. Maybe to learn or to explore. But we will not know easily for sure. But we won’t touch on those since this is about consistency.  It’s about being consistent against discrimination and knowing that stereotypes are not always right and therefore inconsistent themselves.  And I am guilty of this also.
During these times, there are many confused people.  They really don't know what they want and what they believe in so they get easily persuaded by the opinions of others. Others have deep reason on what they stand for. But those who just follow don’t have. So they jump from one borrowed opinion to another. So there goes the consistency out of the window
And for sure, in the next months or years, or maybe just later today, I will sound differently from what I do now.  I hope that it’s because that I learned and becomes better and not the usual consistently inconsistent me.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Material Doesn't Matter Much

I stumbled on this pictured shared by 100% Katolikong Pinoy page on Facebook. It was a tweet by Pope Francis which is a very timely reminder whether you’re catholic or not:

Credits to 100%Katolikong Pinoy Facebook Page

And it just so happened that my latest article on Tapat News was exactly on the same topic. Well, material things aren’t intrinsically evil. But once they take the place of the essentials like family, friendship, love and all the other priceless stuffs, that’s where the problem begins.

More on this on my column, The Jumping Wall. But apologies for my non-Filipino speaking readers since all my articles there are in Tagalog/Filipino.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Why Bother To Ask?

There would be no answers without questions.   But there are questions that do not need answers. But more often than not, questions need to be answered. A lot of times, it depends on the one who asks and on his intentions. 

Questions are sometimes more powerful than direct statements. It leaves those who hear it wondering and thinking.  And sometimes agreeing with what the question insinuates.  But there’s a danger here. That is when the one who’s asking doesn’t really know the answer to his question yet gives the tone that he does.  And once presented with the answers, he’ll simply turn a blind eye from it.  And that’s the death of the purpose of asking questions.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Just In Case You Forgot

I’ve been lacking sleep the past few days.  I just came from graveyard shift the past 4 weeks and now I’m back for morning duties. My body is still adjusting.  And sometimes I feel dizzy and confused. I also get easily irritated. While all of these happen, I try doubly hard to keep my mouth shut because I tend to get too emotional with my words and reactions. This isn’t an excuse but it’s just that I know myself well. I will inevitably hurt people if I let myself get loose when I’m on this state.

Humans are both logical and emotional beings. Most of the time, it’s the situation you are in which dictates which part of you talks louder. It is also evident in people’s opinions.  Try logging in on your social media account and check out on the hottest issues. Look at the comments section and you’ll see identical opinions and words. It’s like someone orchestrated their anger to speak and sound the same towards the perceived villains of the stories.  

The Good, The Bad and The Pure Logic

You’ll be fortunate to see few voices of logic within the flood of emotional comments.  You can identify them as those which will make you think by providing possible reasons, causes, effects or solutions. But most of the time, these comments get drowned by the majority.

Though when anger starts tapering off, you will see a sudden shift of tone. All the previously emotional people will start sounding like the logical ones, usually in an expert matter-of-factly tone.  But just like how they sounded the same in the past, it still is the same case.

Then give it a few days, weeks or months and everything will be back to normal. That is until the next big issue comes up and emotions will burst once again. Good thing about these scenarios is that many people begin to become aware of what’s happening around them. And a few starts actively working towards alleviating the problem either in a large scale or even just for their own selves.

But the sad part here is that majority of the people will remain as they are after the emotions fade. It’s like nothing happened and that they were not affected at all. And some even forgets to the point of doing the thing they detest themselves.  So it gets even worse.

While I’m about to end this post, I’m starting to feel dizzy again. I think I’m also hungry. It’s a signal that I must end this post so I won’t be saying anything unnecessary “accidentally”.  Anyway, all that I want to do here is to remind you, just in case you forgot.

Did you?

Monday, September 2, 2013

Jackie Chan the Messenger

A friend wondered if Jackie Chan was lucky or not for "dying" then being revived just to die again.  He's referring to that link that shows up once in a while in the Facebook feeds from certain people.

This is not click-able

Remember Chuck Norris' perceived invincibility? Truth is, he's not. And he's not even immortal. He can die if he wants too. But he doesn't want it. And the reason is Bruce Lee. Bruce Lee is already dead and he's the only one who had beaten Chuck Norris in the past. And until now, Chuck doesn't want to meet him again since he knows he'll get beaten black and blue. So the reason why Chuck Norris is alive is simply because he's afraid of meeting Bruce Lee again in the afterlife.

And what does Jackie has to do with it? He is the messenger of the two. So probably, this is the reason why Jackie is dying and living repeatedly; to bring the message to and from Bruce and Chuck.

And of course, this is not true. Jackie Chan is alive. This news is a hoax. And if you have clicked on it, chances are you already have some virus in your computer and had participated in spreading it to others by sharing the link automatically. So again, if an information that you see is too enticing or too good/bad to be true, think again. Do your research first. Don't just trust anyone or anything on the internet. As they say, think before you click.

But what if it's true that Jackie's a messenger of Bruce and Chuck and they are just trying to hide the real story behind it?


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