Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Material Doesn't Matter Much

I stumbled on this pictured shared by 100% Katolikong Pinoy page on Facebook. It was a tweet by Pope Francis which is a very timely reminder whether you’re catholic or not:

Credits to 100%Katolikong Pinoy Facebook Page

And it just so happened that my latest article on Tapat News was exactly on the same topic. Well, material things aren’t intrinsically evil. But once they take the place of the essentials like family, friendship, love and all the other priceless stuffs, that’s where the problem begins.

More on this on my column, The Jumping Wall. But apologies for my non-Filipino speaking readers since all my articles there are in Tagalog/Filipino.


  1. binasa ko ang artikulo mo doon, maganda!

    sakto lang na pagnilayan ng karamihan na nakababad sa mag social media pero maya-maya puro rant.

  2. I agree! Pleasure brought by material things is temporary. I'm contemplating about it and I think that happiness can be found by accepting our cross that our Lord asked us to carry everyday.



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