Friday, September 6, 2013

Just In Case You Forgot

I’ve been lacking sleep the past few days.  I just came from graveyard shift the past 4 weeks and now I’m back for morning duties. My body is still adjusting.  And sometimes I feel dizzy and confused. I also get easily irritated. While all of these happen, I try doubly hard to keep my mouth shut because I tend to get too emotional with my words and reactions. This isn’t an excuse but it’s just that I know myself well. I will inevitably hurt people if I let myself get loose when I’m on this state.

Humans are both logical and emotional beings. Most of the time, it’s the situation you are in which dictates which part of you talks louder. It is also evident in people’s opinions.  Try logging in on your social media account and check out on the hottest issues. Look at the comments section and you’ll see identical opinions and words. It’s like someone orchestrated their anger to speak and sound the same towards the perceived villains of the stories.  

The Good, The Bad and The Pure Logic

You’ll be fortunate to see few voices of logic within the flood of emotional comments.  You can identify them as those which will make you think by providing possible reasons, causes, effects or solutions. But most of the time, these comments get drowned by the majority.

Though when anger starts tapering off, you will see a sudden shift of tone. All the previously emotional people will start sounding like the logical ones, usually in an expert matter-of-factly tone.  But just like how they sounded the same in the past, it still is the same case.

Then give it a few days, weeks or months and everything will be back to normal. That is until the next big issue comes up and emotions will burst once again. Good thing about these scenarios is that many people begin to become aware of what’s happening around them. And a few starts actively working towards alleviating the problem either in a large scale or even just for their own selves.

But the sad part here is that majority of the people will remain as they are after the emotions fade. It’s like nothing happened and that they were not affected at all. And some even forgets to the point of doing the thing they detest themselves.  So it gets even worse.

While I’m about to end this post, I’m starting to feel dizzy again. I think I’m also hungry. It’s a signal that I must end this post so I won’t be saying anything unnecessary “accidentally”.  Anyway, all that I want to do here is to remind you, just in case you forgot.

Did you?


  1. Nakarelate ko du nsa change of sched.

    Sira ang body clock pag ganyan.


    I couldn't agree more sa whole post.

    Like ko to idol :)

    1. Uy, thanks bro. :) kmusta? long time no hear ah

  2. Dala na rin marahil yan ng nature at schedule ng work mo. Kaya pati mood mo ay naapektuhan na rin.

  3. Hindi man ako graveyard shift pero pag puyat at tinamaan ako ng magaling na mood ko. irritable ako. Hmmm, pero mas iba ata mood ko pag puyta at biglang nagising, yun parang halos hindi ako makapag-isip sa galit.

    hay human nature, ingat-ingat na rin talaga sa health



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