Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Disagree or Agree to Learn

There are those who readily shut other people down upon learning that they believe in something they don't agree with even if they initially looked up or respected that person for so many reasons. I also encountered this situation even with those I see as my model in life. I also felt disappointed. 

But rather than looking away from them, I try to listen on why they believe the opposite. Besides, I idolized them earlier because I trusted that they know better in many things. Although it does not mean I have to agree with all that they have to say. Upon hearing their sides, the possibility is either I get enlightened with their reasons and nod in agreement to their position, or learn something from their point of view but still disagree. In both scenarios, I learn, I win, I improve. 

Turning our backs and shutting our doors just because of dissenting opinions is a sure fire way not to learn a new thing about the world outside. I did that mistake a lot of times before. And I learned the lesson that I missed a lot more other lessons in doing that.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Dignity and Definitions

I don't know which among these scenarios is the worst. Being called idealistic by someone who thinks the ugliest of things can easily turn out fine by means of words even among clashing ideologies and beliefs? Or being tagged as pessimist when you provide valid reasons as to why this person's idea won't possibly work? Or being treated awkwardly by someone as if you are the same immature person more than a decade ago  to the point of shame not considering that things, character and people change?

But I don't think I should care much as to which one is the worst. Though it reminds me that treating other people should not be based on what we think about them but on how we want to be given respect and with caution by others. There should always be dignity. And that I have to think thoroughly the meanings of words especially before attaching it to other people. Or just avoid tagging people at all since issues are different from persons and we should not be defined by how we think about a specific one. If there's only one thing that must define us all in any matters, it should be "critical" and in a positive sense. 

Having been able to experience the three just recently, it really feels bad. Or I might just be over reacting. So accept my apologies.


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