Wednesday, May 3, 2017

His Will But Will You?

God provides us chances, opportunities, direction, guidance and even the desire to do what is good and what is right. Yet, He also gave us free will.
Despite having all of these and still not doing anything with them in your life, don't ask God why when you are feeling down. Ask yourself why you did not act when you had the chance to prepare. 

But the good thing is that everyday is a chance given to us to start again.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Our Hearts' Desires

We rarely notice that we have this tendency of demeaning the naturally good or amoral things. Some of the most common examples are decency, money and being a churchgoer. It is done usually by equating the first one to a cloak for a darker character, the second as a sign of greed or materialism, and the latter for being a hypocrite.

Examining deeper, such behavior is actually a result of frustration or envy. Like for how some succumbs to the hardships of self-control than striving for decency in spite of failing constantly. And on how the misfortune of others are blamed upon those who are better of in terms of material wealth while finding faults and attributing it to their affluence. Lastly for those who surrendered to the pressures of sins while trying to drag with them those who continuously persevere despite acknowledging their status of being a sinner. 

To summarize it, while having different reactions, deep in our hearts we all have the same desires for we all have the same Creator. 

Monday, March 13, 2017

Treat First Chances as Your Last

My blog's 5th anniversary will be happening this month. Since I started with this blog, a lot of great opportunities opened up for me and I've known a lot of people because of it and many of them became good friends. 

I can say that this blog gave me a lot of chances in life. And I do hope I used them all wisely. Here's to more fruitful years to come for all of us. Thank you my dear readers.

Lose Yourself cover by yours truly

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Mind Conditioning is Real

Make no mistake about it. Propaganda and mind conditioning techniques are alive and kicking. It's easier now compared to how it was done during the yesteryears with the technology at the disposal of those who intend to do it. When you think you are good enough not to be affected by it, then you make yourself more vulnerable. Once you find yourself hateful of a person or a group and sounds like you're ready to bite at anything that is about them no matter how harmless the news may sound, then you are infected. You will not accept any reasoning at all. You are not willing to meet in between nor even agree to disagree. You just want them destroyed. You want them to disappear. You are hateful. You are mind-controlled.

What you can do to get out of it is to realize your own humanity. Your frailties as a person, that what you are is not far from what others might be. That there are considerations that they have that we don't know about. That there are factors that are affecting these people that we are not aware of. After doing that, you still might not agree with them strongly. You might still have the same stand. But you'll lose the hatred. You'll snap out of the conditioning. And you'll start to stand (again) for your principles. 

Friday, February 3, 2017

Omniscient, You Are Not

It is one thing to speak about the things you have knowledge about and another to make a conclusion about things you are not aware of. Not seeing nor hearing does not always mean they do not exist nor happen. The only thing certain is you didn't see or hear and in itself does not mean anything about the subject but to the observing person's limitation and awareness.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Criticism and Judgement

We all commit sins and make mistakes. And by acknowledging that fact, it implies that it is within our capacity to judge either inwardly or outwardly if something is amiss.

And it is our duty to call the wrong things we see despite being imperfect ourselves. For justice and order could only be attained if we guard each other's actions since most of the time, we misjudge our own deeds due to personal bias and survival tendencies. No one should be beyond criticism. And being shut down for whatever reasons including being called out for the mistakes that one had done in the past or in the present is an injustice in itself. The proper way to address criticism is to listen first and reflect, not to look for ways to criticize in return and be defensive right away. Everything has its time.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Learn From All To Learn All

A broken clock would tell you the right time twice in a day. While another one which is adjusted a minute in advance will always show you what is close to the exact time but it will never tell the accurate hour at any moment. Just like how truth and wisdom is not a monopoly among the learned and educated. They might tell you what seems to be the right thing, but don't settle right away. Widen your options. For we can always learn a thing or two even from the most unexpected places, things, situations or person. While there might be obvious sources from where you can get the information you want, discriminating due to presumptions will always be a disadvantage to someone who truly seek for truth and knowledge.


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