Saturday, July 19, 2014

Find Your End And Mean It

Try asking children about what they want to be someday. Then ask those in their teens the same question. Then inquire also from the older ones preferably those who are in the working age. You'll probably get different sets of results. You'll get bigger replies from the young ones while getting watered down responses as age increases.

We tend to become more practical and conservative as we age. It's because we are more able to gauge what we are capable of, what our environment gives us and what's more probable for us to achieve. Doing so gives us lesser pressure but it limits us from maximizing our potentials and from all possibilities of succeeding in larger things. 

It's not unusual for some to lose direction while moving on with their plans. Most dreams have something to do about health, wealth, relationships and self-fulfillment. You need to work hard to arrive at these things. As much as it is difficult to succeed, finding the means to get to these ends isn't child's play. Having a good education, landing a good job locally or abroad, working on a healthy diet and body workout, etc, etc. These are your possible means. But for many, these means become the end because of their improbability. The means become the "DREAM" rather than the tools to reach for it. 

Are your eyes fixed on the target?

And for some, they are lucky enough to be able to experience these means. But while they're at it, they tend to forget what they are doing it for in the first place. Then they just do it until they get tired and bored. Then one day, they will get satisfaction just by saying they did it one time and totally forgotten the ends to their means.

We all have targets to chase. Sometimes we hit, sometimes we miss. But many times, people miss targets not because they are not skilled to do so but ironically, it's merely by not shooting the arrow. They just thought that the arrow is enough of a prize for them. Then they get what they deserve for such thinking.

Friday, July 11, 2014

It Helps to Help

We all have needs which sometimes we can't get without the help of others. We all can help in two ways. First is by giving others what they need or second, by teaching them how to get it by themselves.

Helping is not difficult but understanding the real needs and the situations of other people is. And we can truly help only if we can comprehend where others are coming from. Unless we speak the language they understand and we understand the language that they speak, true helping will never be achieved. It will just end up in either spoilage or wastage.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

It's Not Social Media's Fault

Only a few people in our society are not yet exposed to social media or have not ever heard about it. The fact is we can define the last 10 years as the Social Media decade. 

Due to heavy usage of it, we hear people blame it for the dumbing down of most topics and issues. The attention of people are now shorter and most of us claim we are very busy that we don't have time to dig deeper into each of them. And in contrast, since voicing out thru social media is easier than researching, more opinions without enough basis are thrown heavily into the fray.

Arf! Arf!

A lot of times that it's not just about the knowledge of people that is lacking but also the consistency in the reactions and emotions. I will not be surprised to know that those who are fond of saying "don't be judgmental" on social media comments are also the same ones who are always on fire and on attack mode to bash and bully every person on news headlines who get caught on photos and videos in their bad day without being given the benefit of the doubt of what really happened.

Can we blame all of these on social media then? Or should we rather thank it for showing us the signs of what illness our society had been suffering for a long time? It's just that we're given this medium to magnify what we had been all this time. The challenge now is to find or make up the antidote. Can it also be found on social media? I hope so.

Friday, July 4, 2014

My Past, Present and My Kids' Future

I did not see myself where I am now 5 years ago. I knew that I'll be married. I was planning it. My wife, who was my girlfriend then, didn't know yet. I just told her when I proposed that same year later. Maybe she thought at first that I didn't have plans. I couldn't blame her. Going back to the present, I have my wife here with me and our two energetic kids. 

Going forward to the future, I don't know if my kids would plan to marry someday. They can choose not to. But if they do,  I only have one advise for each of them in choosing who they should marry someday.

For my son, pick someone who is like his mother. And for my daughter, choose someone who is far better than her father. If they can follow these advice, I'll be happy.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Complaining Your Way Out

When I started working 10 years ago, I never knew what to expect in the world of professionals. I thought that I was equipped for it. When I was in college I was the president of the whole department student body and was able to work on lots of things that I thought was being done in the industries.  But I was proven wrong at the onset.  School environment was very far from it. Trying to make the transition easier, I made friends with some people that I thought were seasoned on breezing past within this new world I was embracing. I tried imitating them. We talked about our jobs and our bosses. Then they started complaining. I thought it was cool. So I also did it.
Complaining about something you can’t comprehend is understandable. But logically, it’s unacceptable. You can complain legitimately only about the things that you understand, not on those which you can't. We only have but cloud of doubts on things that we know nothing about.  And it just follows that you will have questions about those things.  But complaining about them won’t help your cause in any way either in agreement or in disagreement.

A lot of people say “I don't understand why some do this...blah blah”  then trailed it by complaints on the subject which they admit they cannot fathom. Complaining is supposedly reserved on things you know much about and which you think something better can be done about it.
Most problems that we complain about are things that lack our proper attention and understanding. For some, they choose to inspect and understand the whole of it. But there are those whose initial reaction is to burn their energy complaining endlessly about it without the initiative to comprehend but only to differ.

If you choose to understand, questions will be lesser and there will be more room for acceptance and wisdom. Repeat until you have little left to complain about but only solutions to propose on things which you initially deemed as complainable. 

10 years after, I meet new people. A glaring difference now is that there are more newbies at work who complain more than the newbies before. I may be wrong on my observation.  And I still hear stories from those I knew 10 years ago. There are those who outgrew their complaints, while some grew with them, or shrunk.   

Monday, May 5, 2014

Philippines Holds World Record in Recycling

Nakakadiri ang amoy ng patay na daga. Mas nakakadiri kung mahahawakan mo. Pero nangyari na sa kin yun. Di pa naman bulok yung daga. Sariwa pa nga, wala na nga lang ulo. Yung pusa naming kasing alaga noon ay magaling manghuli ng daga. Naghahanap kasi ako ng kahoy na pangsara sa bintana namin dati. Maliit lang yun na cube para lang hindi mabuksan pag galing sa labas. Akala ko yung naaaninag ko na maliit na bagay sa ilalim ng sofa ay yung kahoy na pansara. Paghawak ko, basa. Pagtingin ko sa kamay ko ay may dugo. At ng sinundot ko ng walis yung maliit na bagay na yun, patay na daga pala. Masuka suka ko halos sa nangyari. Pero good job sa pusa namin. Naubos ko ang alcohol naman at sabon sa paghuhugas  ng kamay ko.

Paglabas naman natin ng bahay, marami ding nakakadiri na di na lang natin pinapansin halos. O dahil nakasanayan na rin natin. Mabahong ilog at mga kanal na may naglulutangang kung ano ano. Mga baradong drainage. Kalsadang puro tambakan ng basura. Karaniwan nang makikita sa maraming lugar sa Pilipinas. Problema na nga natin ang basura. Hindi na halos natin alam kung pano aayusin. Sabi ng marami ay disiplina ang kailangan. Sana nga lahat ay naiintindihan ito. Tinuturo naman sa eskwela yun  sa mga bata pa lang na ang basura ay dapat tinatapon sa basurahan. Pero siguro, ang problema na rin minsan e pagkatapos itapon sa basurahan, di na alam kung ano gagawin. Problema kung saan itatambak ang nakolekta. O kaya e walang nangongolekta. At madalas na sinasabi dyang solusyon ay pagre-recycle. Marami daw kasi sa tinatapon natin ay puede pang gamitin. Mapapakinabangan pa at di pa dapat isama sa tapunan.

Magaling naman ang mga Pilipino pagdating dyan. Kung recycle lang ang paguusapan, eksperto na tayo dyan eh. Yung mga luma na at minsan ay patapon na, pinapakinabangan pa rin natin. Tuwing eleksyon na lang ay nananalo at nananalo ang mga dati nang pulitiko.  Hindi naman masama na manalo ang dati nang nanalo lalo na kung ok ang track record.  Kaso mo, parang nagging hobby na natin na paulit ulit na lang ang nananalo at ayaw nating sumubok ng bago kahit di naman kagandahan ang mga ginagawa. Kahit nga kaapelyido lang nung dating pulitiko, kahit walang track record, iuupo natin eh. 

At sa showbiz, ilang beses na ba tayo nakapanood ng mga nirecycle na telenovela o pelikula? Kung hindi yung buo, e kahit yung plot lang ba? Yung paulit ulit na kwento na alam mo na lagi kung ano ang mangyayari? Pagdating sa music, mas marami na ngayon ang revival at cover. Konti na lang ang orig. Buti sana ay irerecycle nila mismo yung artists na kinakasabikan nating makita uli. Kaso mo, hindi at yung iba na kakanta ay di pa mabigyan ng magandang justification.

Pati sa mga isyu at problema ng bansa, mula sa korapsyon, mga aksidente, mga krimen hanggang sa mga pinsalang dinudulot ng mga kalamidad, wala tayong kasawa sawa na mag ulit-ulit ang mga pangyayari. Nangyari na, pero di pa rin tayo natututo. Ganon pa rin ang gawin natin at maaalala na lang nating gawin ang dapat na paghahanda pag nangyari uli. At  makalipas ang ilang araw, malilimutan na uli. Gusto natin, recycle uli ang balita sa susunod na mga taon.

Napakahusay ng Pilipino pagdating sa pagrerecycle. Ang galing nating umulit ng mga bagay na kahit basura na, hinahayaan nating umulit na lang ng umulit. Sa lahat na lang ng bagay, nirerecycle na natin. Kulang na lang talaga yung sa basura.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Halina at Magsugal

Marunong na ko ng sugal na “Mahjong” sa edad na siyam.  Kakapanood ko ng paglalaro nito ng mga may edad na sa amin, natutunan ko na agad. Pung, baril, chow, flores, todas, char, balls, stick, etc.  Nasa bokabularyo ko na ang mga yan sa murang edad. At may set pa nga kami nito sa bahay at ang laro namin ng kapatid kong lalake noon pag hindi ito ginagamit ay nagpapagalingan kaming maghula sa pagsalat ng mga mahjong pieces. Bukod dun, natuto din ako ng mga laro sa baraha tulad ng lucky 9, tong its, pusoy, pusoy dos at iba pa. Natuto rin ako nung lumaki na ako ng pagtaya sa karera. Forecast, extra double, daily double, pentafecta, trifecta, pick 6, WTA.  Nag eenjoy din ako sa panonood ng nagsasalpukang manok pag may nagsasabong sa may amin. Naging libangan din namin minsan ang pagbi-bingo sa bahay. Bente singko lang ang dalawang card. Matatapos ang paglalaro ng ilang oras, masuwerte ka na kung manalo ka ng limang piso at malas na ang matalo ka ng dalawang piso.

Sa kabila nito, lumaki naman kaming magkapatid na hindi nalulong sa sugal. Kahit may mga kaibigan ako noon na naglalaro ng mga cara cruz o kaya ay yung “digit” na ginagawa sa paghula sa serial number ng mga perang papel at parang lucky 9 ang laro, hindi ako nahumaling na sumali sa mga ganon. Unang una,takot akong malulong sa sugal. Pangalawa, wala rin kasi talaga akong pantaya.  Pero aminado ko na nasubukan ko rin ang ilan dito tulad ng pagtotong its kasama ang ilang mga kaibigan o kaya ay pagtaya sa color game sa mga peryaan. Paminsan minsan, ang pagtaya sa lotto ay ginagawa ko rin. Ang keyword dito ay ang “paminsan minsan”. Mabibilang sa daliri kasi ang bilang na naglaro at nagsugal ako sa loob ng isang taon. Pero ang totoo, halos araw araw akong nagsusugal. Ganon ka rin.

Ang sugal ay pagtaya ng bagay na mahalaga sa yo at umaasa kang magiging kapalit nito ay may mas malaking halaga. Hindi ito laging pera o materyal na bagay. Ang mga taong lulong sa sugal ay hindi pera ang tunay na itinataya kundi ang kanilang oras at pagkakataon na gumawa ng mga paraan na mas siguradong ikaaayos ng kanilang pagkatao. Sa kabilang banda, hindi lahat tayo ay kayang tumaya ng ganitong kalaki sa buhay dahil mas inaalala natin ang magiging epekto nito hindi lang sa sarili kundi mas lalo sa mga taong sa atin ay umaasa. Dun tayo sa tingin natin ay mas siguradong paraan para umayos ang ating buhay. Sa sugal ay maaari tayong suertehin at manalo ng malaki at hindi kailangan ng may tinapos ka o may kaalaman ka sa ilang bagay. Basta alam mo kung paano ang tumaya at nanalo ka, puede na.  Pero maliit ang tsansa.

Nakita mo na ito dati

Karamihan sa atin ay “sigurista”. Mag-aaral hanggang makatapos. Maghahanap ng trabaho. Magnenegosyo. Mangi-ngibang bansa. Magpapamilya. At marami pang iba na desisyon sa buhay na sa tingin mo ay “safe”. Itinataya mo ang oras at kaalaman para sa mga bagay na ito na siyang mapaggagamitan ng pinakamahabang oras ng buhay mo. Lahat para sa pag-aasam ng “siguradong panalo”.

Pero tulad sa kahit ano pang sugal, walang laging panalo. May mga taya ka sa buhay na hindi magbubunga. May ilan na malulugi ka. May ilan na paaasahin ka hanggang dulo para lang sa wala. At meron naman na kahit maliit lang ang taya mo e makukuha mo ang jackpot.

Kung tatanungin mo ang mga naaadik sa sugal kung ano ang nagbibigay sa kanila ng “high”, ito ay yung kaisipang puede silang manalo ng malaki sa maliit na tsansang pinanghahawakan nila.  Kaya kahit talo, dirediretso lang sa pagtaya at umaasang makukuha rin nila sa dulo ang panalong pinakaaasam. Adik.

Pero sana, tayo din ay ganon pagdating sa ginagawa nating pagsugal sa buhay. Alam natin na ang tsansa sa mga gusto nating makamit ay hindi laging sigurado. May kailangan tayong ilaan o isakripisyo para makuha ang mga bagay na yon. Sana ay mabahagian tayo kahit kaunti ng mga lulong sa sugal kahit konti sa pakikipagsapalaran at patuloy na pagtaya sa buhay. Hanggang makamit rin natin ang mga bagay na gusto nating marating, tataya pa rin tayo kahit na nakakaranas tayo ng pagkatalo.

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