Sunday, December 20, 2015

That Thing Called Elections

For the better of for the worse part, entertainment is a huge part in the daily lives of Filipinos. No matter how serious some matters are, we still see things in a lighter mode. Though we also have that onion-skinned reputation around the globe, we still can't miss those opportunities of making fun of any thing even ourselves.

For example, election is far and it's so early to support particular candidates. But the fiesta-like mode and showbiz type bickering of candidates and their supporters started this early. Yes, it's illegal to campaign prematurely but no one's complaining about it, right? I don't know.

I promise myself though not to get caught by all the drama and get entangled in the battle of personalities rather than of ideas and platforms. I'm just so happy that the election is still months to go because I don't know who to vote for yet. But, I could share the things I would like to see my future leaders are advocating and this would be my basis in choosing my candidates.

- Freedom of information Law
- Anti-political Dynasty Law
- Laws that will honour and respect the dignity and authentic rights of the Filipino people most especially the poor and the marginalized
- Improvement of taxation
- Upholding the country's sovereignty and unity under the constitution

I may not see a candidate promoting all of them but will definitely support anyone who will advocate the first two of this list which bring a lot of pain to this country due to their non existence. We need to think of "what" the country needs first before the "who".

It's the right of every citizen to discuss, criticize and talk about the candidates and the elections in general. It's also our right to laugh about what's happening in the country. I'm also entertained by this. It's better than WWE. Laughing is good for the health.  Try doing it always. Just make sure that after all of these festivities and merriment, we are not the ones who are the laughingstock

Friday, December 4, 2015

Digong Duterte and Lebron James

Duterte's presidential ambition is comparable to Lebron James' campaign on being the NBA's Greatest of all Time. Both of them have the right skills, experiences, talents and capabilities to reach their respective summits. While the public's perception of their blunders, antics and character are their weaknesses. 

But the biggest hurdle for both is not themselves but their not so few fanatics who arrogantly think that their idols can do no wrong. They would even twist the obvious lapses to make it look that these are their heroes' assets. They do it to the point of pushing away people who don't feel indifferent from them in the first place. They know no tolerance nor respect. But somehow I understand their feelings of being oppressed with how the media portray their idols. But the problem is the more they open their mouths, the more they get dragged down.

I have a Lebron jersey given by a friend who knew how I liked this player very much during his younger years. For the record, I am also for a federalism and disciplinarian type of government which Duterte is advocating that I'm a vocal ChaCha supporter. But still I have a lot of things to disagree about their games and character. But I don't hate LBJ and Digong. I don't even think they are like what most people think they knew about them. I just don't see them inspiring that much good vibes which are expected from people like them. Compare them to the current considered GOATs,  Michael Jordan and the likes of Magsaysay, Quezon and other admired state leaders. 

I was once unfriended by an LBJ fan just because of disagreeing in a social media discussion about who's the better baller now between Curry and James.  And then there some Digong fans who were friends (not sure if they still see me as one) seem not to care if they hurt people by blurting expletives and insults towards people who simply aren't supporting him. And it is unique with Digong's candidacy that he and some of his supporters are vocal in pushing for obviously unlawful things like extra judicial killings, threatening freedom of religion and freedom of speech, etc.  Most of those who think these are good things are young people. Then who will tell those kids who idolize him that these things are wrong? 

And no, I aint a kobe fantard nor an undisciplined corrupt candidate supporter, both of which are the kneejerk tag to non-LBJ and non-digong supporters respectively. I dont have a presidentiable in mind yet and I'm a big Spurs fan by the way.

We all agree that leadership means action. I admire Digong and LBJ's accomplishments. They are probably one of the best in their fields. But leadership is not just about what you do but also of how you bring out the best from your people. We can't just ignore this detail because a leader can only do so much to change a lot of things and his followers are responsible for a bigger chunk. I am not saying that they are bad examples over all. But based on how a big number of their followers act towards other people in their defense, many can say that they aren't also good ones. And the challenge is for them to prove us that it is wrong. 

But for sure, some will get angry and will approach this post angrily as a "blasphemy" against their idols. Reasoning, anyone? But I hope, this isn't the case for everybody.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Political Correctness as the Enemy's Ally

You may try to put the flowers in your statement and make things look and sound beautiful while trying to reach that ideal world that you've been dreaming of. Everything should be equal by your views. And by that, you think that every thing's the same as well, may it be ideologies, beliefs, culture, tradition, norms. And people do that to the point of trying to make players on a two sided conflict look ignorant by making it sound that they are fighting over something which is not relevant. 

And by doing so, it hurts even the one who is trying to protect you from the real enemy by making others who believed in your words turn on him while the opposite side who's trying to hurt him and in essence including you isn't affected in any way nor listening to what you are saying. On which, it shows that you aren't on a neutral ground but in fact helping the bad side.

Political correctness is the art of giving away your rights to defend your self while receiving all the hits and attacks of the bully enemy and protecting his rights to do so, all thru the way of word play.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Modern Feminism's Worst Fruit

The worst fruit of modern feminism in our world today is that a lot of women are reacting similarly to two extremely opposite character of the male gender, chivalry and male chauvinism. Of course, no one wants a man who thinks his gender put him automatically on superiority over all the women around him

But with the gentlemen, for these modern feminists, these behaviours which were once norms are considered sexist. What men can do, women are capable as well. So assistance that weren't asked for is offensive. You don't need to help them open doors, guide them upstairs, give them seats on trains and buses, etc. By doing so, they would take it as if you think of them as weak.

And some are wondering where have all the gentlemen gone. Well, they are around, confused and don't know what to do and how to behave like a man any more. As for the rude guys, well, they are still around. Why, do we expect them to respect the modern feminist views and change their bad ways?

Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Son or Daughter Shapes The Father

Becoming a father is a great feeling and experience. But what I realized by having two kids with different genders is that a son and a daughter have so different impacts to how you act as a father. Or maybe just for me, I'm not sure. Let me know if you can relate to this.

When my wife gave birth to our first born, Mik, it felt like I was looking at myself. I wondered what I was like when I was at his age and size. Then I thought about my silliness when I was young and the mistakes, failures and heartaches that I experienced which made me into who I am now. I am torn between shielding him and from hoping him to experience them but with the proper guidance. I wanted him to be better in all aspects while not forcing him to do things he does not like. It's like the stereotyped disciplinarian father with high expectations on his eldest son became me. And I don't want to be much like that so I control myself. But at times, the disciplinarian in me shows up which I try to balance with a show of care and affection that some dads are embarrassed to do with their sons.

Then came our daughter, Kayla. I saw the extremes of me. The softest of me while carrying her in my arms and the hardest of me at the same time who's ready to protect her from bad external forces. I've been over protective while being the spoiler by trying to give her whatever she asks for. And in her, I see the two most important women in my life, my mom and my wife. Combine that and she's Kayla. So I'm afraid of what I could do if anyone tries to do something bad to her.  So the other stereotype, the overprotective dad to his daughter, it also became me. 

It seems that these generalizations of dads are true. We will not be able to understand it until we become it. And we won't become it unless we have children.  We laugh at these characters until we realize we are already like them. And we laugh and understand that we are like them simply because of one reason. Love.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Everybody's Getting an Award

I got knocked out when I was in Grade 2.  A big older bully from another section punched me on the face. I did not know what happened and why he punched me. What I remember is that I fell backwards after he landed his fist on my face. I went there because I was asked by my teacher to give this document to their adviser and unfortunately she was not there and then that thing happened. I did not tell my teacher about it but my mom noticed the crack on my lips when I got home then I told her what happened. Then I cried. Then she went to my teacher the following day which then talked to the bully's class advisor about what he did. I can't remember what happened next.

It was also the last time I was given a first honor award at school. After that year, I still was able to get some academic awards. There were 23 sections so being part of the pilot section was already an achievement, what more when you get to the honor roll. There were few recognitions given at that time every end of school year. The honor roll and some "best in subjects" awards. There was prestige, but I never thought about it really at that time.

But compared to what we see now, almost everyone at school gets an award. You can even see on your social media feeds that all parents are posting their kids' awards. 

This ain't limited to school. Even on other things, everyone seemed to be getting an award. If there are no awards existing for someone, they will create him a new one. And award giving bodies are also sprouting like mushrooms. Before, schools are begging for recognition from the industry leaders. Now, it's the schools who are the one giving awards to industry leaders. Like in media for example. Professional and veteran newscasters are chosen and given commendations by students who haven't even completed their studies yet about the field of these personalities whom they are giving recognition.

Then there are competitions where mere participation were given awards and prizes. No one's going home empty handed nowadays.

Everyone's a winner, so it seems. No one's losing. No one's failing. But the problem with this set up is on how we truly appreciate winning without knowing what it's like to lose.  It's like talking about darkness when light is the only thing you experience since birth. Another danger that we are playing with this thing is by making the young ones feel that awards and recognitions are rights rather than privileges for the few who worked harder and better than the rest of them. I think some of us can say we are already reaping its fruits in the workplace.

And the irony that award giving bodies and the award itself gain more prestige and mileage than the awardees is a big irony . Like what happens when mere students are the ones making criteria for recognitions to be given to people whom in the present they are only just dreaming to work for.

For sure, there will be comments or reactions like "these awards aren't important though later on in your life" and "you can't use this awards when you're working, etc". I agree with you. But that's not the point of this write up. Let's all admit that awards have impact on people's confidence and behavior later in life. They are meant to foster a competitive environment that will motivate people bring out their best. It also gives satisfaction to those who made it. But due to the "mass production" of it, it seems to lose its meaning and purpose, and actually defeating it.  People are becoming soft and whiners because of it. A lot feels they are entitled to get one without doing much effort because everyone seems to be getting some anyway.  Everybody's getting an award. Awards are dead.

If I could give an award to that guy who punched me before, I'll give him the heaviest fist award. He was the only person who was able to knock me out from all the fist fights I went through when I was young. I can still feel the impact up to this day.  I hope to meet him again soon. I hope he's not yet dead.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Kasaysayang Magilas

Naging tampulan ng tukso at katatawanan
Sa sports na atin pang kinahuhumalingan
Ilang dekada ba namang walang pinatunguhan,
Pinapadala sa FIBA ay mahihinang koponan

Dati na rin kasi tayong naging mga hari,
Mula 50s hanggang 70s tayo'y natatangi.
Powerhouse ng Asya, lumalaban sa mundo,
Nung 1954, sa World Cup nagbronze pa tayo.

1954 RP Team FIBA World Championships Bronze Medallist

Nagsimula ang PBA, kumpetisyon ay tumaas,
Subalit sa FIBA games tila nawalan ng oras.
Sa Asian Games na lang tayo nagconcentrate
Sa ABC competition, mga players ay di pa graduate.

Kahit sa Asian Games, tayo ay nahirapan,
Namulat din ako noon sa katotohanan,
Ang ating paghahari unti-unti nang nawala,
Lakas ng mga kalaban ay sadyang nakakalula


Hindi inaasahan ang ating pagkakagising,
Nang nagulat sa nangyari itong si Mang Peping,
"National team" nating lumalaro sa lokal na liga,
Tinalo ng koponan ng ating mga artista.

Mga visionaries ng Pinoy basketball nagsimulang magplano
Si Chot at si Noli para mabawi na ang trono.
Mga basketball fans ay agad ding nabuhayan,
Sa FIBA tayo'y babalik at makikipagbakbakan.

Subalit hindi ito lahat naging madali,
Mga basketball bodies ay nagkahati-hati,
Preparasyon ng team na ipapadala natin sana,
Nahinto ng kaunti dahil sa suspensyon ng FIBA.

Mga letrang sa forum at internet mababasa,
Hindi maintindihan kung bakit di magkaisa,
Mahirap talaga pag nahahaluan ng pulitika.

Itong si MVP naman biglang to the rescue.
Pagbuo ng programa ay kanyang inasikaso,
Pati ang puso ng FIBA kanya ring napalambot,
Naalis na ang suspension, tagumpay itong naabot.

Hindi naging maganda ang ating pasimula,
Pagbalik sa FIBA Asia, tayo ay natulala.
Group of death ang ating agad napuntahan,
Eliminations round pa lang, pag asa ay nawalan.

Subalit hindi naman tayo susukong basta basta,
Pagpapadala ng malulupet na players natin sa FIBA,
Pang 9th at pang 8th sa ating mga unang sultada,
Nakakadisappoint pero una lang yan kabarkada.

Nagkaroon bigla ng pagbabago sa ating programa,
Ng ilang teams sa PBA ay ayaw makisama,
Kaya kumuha agad ng mga kabataang manlalaro,
At naturalized player at foreign coach na mamumuno.

Dito nagsimula ang tinatawag nating Gilas,
Nagsimula nating ipakita ang programang pang-alas.
Ang kanilang training ay talagang matindihan,
Kahit na mga bata, kitang-kita na lumalaban.

Gilas 1 with Coach Rajko Toroman

Minanduhan silang maigi ni Rajko Toroman,
Si kuya Marcus Douthit, sa loob ang ating hitman,
Kasama ng ilang pros, sila Kelly, Jimmy at Asi
Sa mga malakas ng team ng Asia, lumaban tayo ng matindi.

Subalit sa ating target, tayo pa rin ay kinapos,
Sa dulo ng labanan, sa fourth place tayo ay nagtapos.
Hindi na rin masama kung ating titingnan,
Mga bata pa nga halos ang players na ating pinanlaban.

Sinagad na din natin ang sumunod na labanan,
Ang bakbakan sa court dinala sa ating bayan,
FIBA Asian Championships 2013 sa Manila,
Buong bansa ay makikitang tunay na nagkaisa.

Gilas 2.0 ay binuo at todong naghanda.
Walang sinayang na oras, hindi tayo ipapahiya.
Sa harap ng taumbayan, dugo't pawis ang inialay,
Ticket pabalik sa World Cup, itataya ang buhay.

Umabot sa labanang kalaban ay pamilyar,
Ilang beses tayong pinaiyak sa marami nang lugar.
Laban sa South Korea sa semis ay tila isang sumpa,
Hanggang sa dulo ng labanan, ayaw nilang kumawala.

Buong bayan ay nagalak ng atin silang nagupo,
Ticket papuntang Spain naseguro ng hukbo.
Sa Finals naman ay naghihintay na ang team Iran,
Ang ating koponan ay mga sundalong sugatan.

Gilas vs Senegal, FIBA World Cup 2014

Kahit na kulang-kulang hindi sila basta nagpatalo,
Ang Gilas Pilipinas ay lumaban pa ng todo.
Subalit sa dulo tayo pa rin ay kinapos,
Pilak na ginto, pagkauhaw sa medalya'y tinapos.

Pagtuntong sa World Cup, atin muling nasaksihan,
Gilas Pilipinas vs Croatia, hindi ko mapaniwalaan,
Kinurot ang aking sarili dahil baka panaginip lang,
Subalit totoo pala ang aking minamasdan.

Kumuha pa ng resbak na malakas sa NBA,
Blatche ang apelyido, pangalan nya ay Andray,
Malaking mama na panentro, ang galaw ay parang forward,
Ang pagsama nya sa Gilas ay dagdag sa ting reward.

Unang laban sa Croatia, ang score agad na lumayo,
Naisip kong baka ganito ang ating ilalaro,
Masyadong malakas na kasi ang ating mga kalaban,
Pero ako ay nagdasal, kahit sana dumikit man lamang.

Ng sumunod na mga quarters, pumutok ang outside shooting,
Mga Croatian players ay nagsimulang mapailing,
Mga Pilipinong players na di nila kilala kung sino,
Umabot sa overtime, nakuha natin ang respeto.

Natalo man tayo sa Croatia, ginulat natin ang mundo,
Pati laban sa Greece, Argentina at Puerto Rico.
Sa huling laban natin sa Senegal, nasungkit natin ang panalo,
Apat na dekadang hinintay, wala nang tatamis pa dito.

Dahil napasarap, sinubukan pa nating itodo.
World cup na susunod, bakit di natin gawin dito.
Nagbid tayo sa hosting, subalit sa dulo ay natalo.
Sa China napunta, o ang sakit naman nito.

At para sa Olympics na gaganapin sa Rio,
FIBA Asia na kasunod, sa bayan pa rin ng Tsino.
Gilas 3.0, sinimulan nating ikasa,
Akala mo'y ok na, dami pa ring problema.

Ang namuno naman dito ay si Coach Tab Baldwin,
Mahusay na coach at talagang sobrang inspiring.
Subalit ng nilabas na, list ng players na isasama,
Marami ang umatras, nakakawala ng gana.

Pero hindi ito dahilan para tayo ay sumuko,
Tayo pa rin ay lalaban, kahit pa nadedehado.
Nagtraining ang bagong Gilas, sumali sa mga torneyo,
At dito nasilayan ang tikas ng ating grupo.

Nagsimula ang FIBA Asia, malaki ang ating pag-asa.
Subalit sa first game, agad tayong nadisgrasya.
Palestine na unang beses sumali sa FIBA Asia,
Ginulat ang buong mundo, nawala bigla ang saya.

Tulad ng isang mandirigma na mas lalong tumatapang,
Pag nabahiran ng dugo at nasusugatan.
Kanilang inilampaso ang mga sumunod na mga kalaban,
At dinurog ang malalakas, pati depending champs Iran.

Natapos ang round 2, na tayo ang number 1.
Biglang parang napadali ang ruta ng ating koponan.
Mga kalabang iniiwasan, napunta sa kabilang bracket.
Pero sabi ni Coach Tab, teka muna hold it.

Hindi naging madali ang laban natin sa QF at Semis,
Lebanon at Japan, tila baga di nagmimintis.
At sangkaterbang freethrow na kanilang itinira,
Ang laban ay dikit, di tayo makarekta.

Subalit tayo pa rin ang syang nagtagumpay,
Laban sa Finals kung saan China ang nag aantay,
Homecourt advantage, at kung ano ano pa.
Siguradong kakaharapin kaya sila ay naghanda na.

Unang quarter ay dikit, hanggang gitna ng 2nd quarter.
Subalit lumayo bigla, ang laro nawala sa order.
Mga kwestyonableng tawag ng referee ay sunod sunod,
Pati mintis natin sa freethrows, tayo'y nagkakandahilahod.

Papunta pa lang pala sa venue, ang team pala'y na late.
Bus na sasakyan, hindi nacharge so they had to wait.
Then nung nagwawarm up na, biglang inayos pa ang net.
Sinadya nga ba ito o may balat lang tayo sa pwet.

Balik tayo sa laban, unti unti silang lumayo.
Pero di tayo nagpagapi, lumaban pa rin at tumayo.
Didikit na sana tayo, pero may travelling pa na tinawag,
Palo sa mukha at katawan, sa team ako ay nahabag.

Natapos ang laban, tayo nga ang syang natalo.
Nalusaw ang pag-asa na makakalaro sa Rio.
Sumabog ang Twitter at Facebook sa mga fans na Filipino,
Imbes daw kasi basketball, ang nangyari'y cooking show.

Gilas 3.0, Silver Medallist, FIBA Asia Championships 2015

Ang hirap man makamove-on dapat na nating tanggapin,
Talagang di pa panahon ng ating Olympic dream.
Pero sa tamang panahon, Gilas din ay papalarin.
Ang gintong medalya sa Asia ay atin ding susungkitin.

Sana rin ay dumating na ang ating bayan ay magkaisa,
Lalo na ang mga lider ng sports na ating sinisinta.
Sa ating mga players, sa skills  ay walang problema.
Kailangan lamang natin ng maayos na programa.

Sa mga fans ng Gilas na Pilipinong tulad ko.
Lalo sa mga bata, alam nyo ang suerte nyo.
Mga heartbreaks ng Team noon, hindi nyo na naabutan.
Consistent na winning team ang inyo ngayong nasasaksihan.

Wag sana nating pagsawaan na sila ay suportahan,
Ang kalibreng pang worldclass, atin nang nasaksihan.
Malay natin sa susunod, magagamit na natin ang ating play.
Laban sa kinatatakutan ng lahat, yan ang Team USA.

Laban Pilipinas! Puso!


Thursday, September 17, 2015

15 Yr Old Poem

I was cleaning my drawer and found some old stuff I kept there for a long time. One of them was the draft of a poem I wrote for my wife who was still my girlfriend then as a gift for our relationship's third month celebration. I rewrote it on a greeting card then gave it to her on January 2011 which means it's barely a decade and a half old. The paper is old, my penmanship was ugly (and still is) but the emotions and memories it brings are fresh and alive. Written ideas and emotions are still as powerful as they are at this age. 

Though I forgot what the title of this poem was. I'll better ask my wife for the greeting card to update this later.

The draft

Completion and contentment are those which were asked
In this humble world existing, where life moves so fast.
To find them is not easy, even to tell if it is true,
But all those thoughts just vanished, it's all because of you

You showed me the direction that I won't walk astray.
By giving much attention, you lighted up my way.
Once I thought I was nothing yet you have shown my worth,
I was afraid to move then, now I go back and forth.

You are my guardian angel when I feel very low,
You're always there beside me albeit I'm against the flow.
No wonder why a minute is like a day when you're far,
But when we are together, a day seemed to be an hour.

Admitting that sometimes, we have those misunderstandings.
Times which weren't wasted but strengthened our bonding.
Without these things, it won't get any sweeter.
Everything will be all right as long as we're together.

Time passes by so swiftly, just like a blink of an eye.
Though we must not forget, who's making us survive.
The One who made it possible by guiding me to you,
He's the Lord God Almighty, together with me and you.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Wasting Time on Trivial Preferences

You bought a new phone only to know later that its features are not really what you needed and the one that could have suit you better which you picked your phone over costs a lot cheaper. Making wrong choices on things that cost us money, time and effort happens to most of us. That is considering how we spend a lot of time researching about the latest phone models before purchasing one for example. 

And for the movies or tv series we are watching, many throw in a lot of effort in defending those choices we make. Network war is a big deal here even to the point that common people would bring up tv ratings and survey results that they know nothing about. And these discussions are usually serious ones. 

The word preference itself speaks about its variety among people. We are faced with many choices everyday and your preference is what makes it easier for you to choose. There are those which aren't charged with moral nor social responsibility. You just need to choose then that's it. Like whether you want an apple or a banana for snack, it should not matter what tv network you are watching this afternoon. Same as what phone brand you want to buy. These are all but things that are competing to catch your attention. Which ever wins it, it is definitely different with how it is with others. No one is right or wrong. 

But there are other preferences that need better attention from all of us. Like politics, investments, beliefs and education for example. Unfortunately, a big part of the population just let the system or the majority dictate their option regarding these matters. If only more of us spend more thinking into these things compared to the former, I wonder how better our society would be.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Stand Firm and Hold Fast

Fickle-mindedness is about someone's mind getting swayed easily by external factors most especially with other's opinion. It is the exact opposite of someone who stands firm about the ideologies and beliefs that he learned and knows a lot about. Unfortunately, the meaning of these things had been twisted as the former is now getting equated with open-mindedness and the latter as being intolerant and narrow-minded. This phenomenon is one that largely contributes to the detriment of our society.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Top Goal in Writing

The ultimate conveyance of message is not when readers understand what you have written about but for them to comprehend how you are able to come up with your point and conclusion whether or not they agree with you.

Monday, June 29, 2015

When Are Humans Human?

It's infuriating to be judged and disagreed. It happens to me a lot of times. Those instances that you feel that you are being misunderstood, not given the chance to be heard first but then the other party is just spewing curses at you belittling you totally as a person because of what you are, those bigoted people, I hope they all die. Of course, I don't want people to die. But I know you get that feeling when it happens to you also.

Last time I checked in the mirror, I look human. I have human face, hands, feet, body, everything. Does that make me human. Yes. But not always. I mean, how about those who got their limbs amputated? Or those that were born with genetic conditions that made some parts of their bodies grow abnormally? Those won't make them less human.

We learn that we are part of the animal kingdom during our biology class. And what makes us different from all other animals is our level of consciousness and intelligence although some might disagree with it but you get the point, I suppose. These put us on top of Kingdom Animalia. We adapt, control, build and create better than all of them. Limits are broken and capabilities are increased exponentially. But in the early stages of men when knowledge were not as advanced as they are today, an observer from the present might see little difference between the animals and the earliest humans, whether it's Adam and Eve or your earliest homo specimens. But what truly separates us from the other living things is our capability to think and control our biological urges and instincts. 


Of course, we give in to both. Instincts and urges are naturally embedded in humans in order for our race to grow in numbers and to survive. Like how the amygdala triggers our instant response to danger, our brains have individual parts that are responsible with basic human urges and instincts. There are parts that tell us when we are hungry, thirsty, in pain or in pleasure, sexually excited, etc. And almost all animal brain functions just like that. That's why they eat when they are hungry, drink when they are thirsty, run or fight when they are in danger and copulate during their mating season. Similar as we may seem to them, what separates us from the rest is our capability to manage these urges.

A lion would kill its cub when it's angry. A monkey would steal the food of its fellow primate when it's hungry. A dog would copulate with its mother and would even hump another male dog or its master's legs when in heat. But we see these things as normal because they are animals.  

It happens though in humans often times. People killing other people, even their own families. People having relations with others they don't suppose to have to. People stealing others' properties. But unlike the animals, we are aware that we have conscience and the capability to do otherwise. We have our coinciding moral and natural beings on which we based the laws that we humans formulated. Acting on our urges is not wrong as long as it is done morally and ethically. Or else, you will be tagged as a rapist, a thief, an adulterer, a murderer. Or you could also be sick in the mind to do something willingly which is not normal, moral and natural. What makes humans human is what separates us from animals. It's our ability to control our feelings, instincts and urges and acting on them at the right place at the right time and with the right person most of the time.

 Elephants not being able to control the urge. And it usually kills the Rhino.

Just thinking about these things might make me wrong in the eyes of other people. That's normal and natural. But then, people are born differently. What I believe in will be different with what others do. What I want to do will not be the same as what others like. And that's what makes humanity exciting. We can't be equal because the truth is we are all born imperfect and what lacks of the other person is something you and I could offer which makes humanity great. But I'm still happy that we're humans since I know you could control yourself from punching me in the face when you disagree with me. And vice versa. Just kidding. I mean, I'm serious.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Random Thoughts on Humanity

The ant specie can't survive without a colony. It's natural. Same with humans that leadership is natural and order is what most of us look for.  Tribes, empires, nations, they will not just go away.

Differences among human beings is an advantage, not an obstacle. Nothing can't be equal among humans but with different responsibilities and capabilities each one of us have, we compliment what lacks from the other person.

Both religion and science thrive thru faith. They move forward with the hope of finding something that they haven't seen yet but believe that there is.

Prioritize What's Basic

Rights, emotions and human created laws don't necessarily make people healthy, contented, bear child, live longer and survive. Only by following the law of nature does that. Let's get back to the basics.

Individual Emotion and Public Opinions

The character of an individual's emotion and the public opinion are almost the same. When there's a commotion, heavy feelings and tough words will go out. Seems like an orchestrated one, you will hear people saying the same things and suggesting drastic actions in reaction to what the issue is. Wait for a week or two before logical minds and voices take over. Same with you as a person. Once deep emotion subsides, the mind and logic will take over and that's when you need to listen to yourself and take action.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Nang Ako Ay Magprotesta Sa Honor Roll Noon

Hindi ako sumipot noon sa recognition day namin nung grade 5 dahil sa hindi ko pagtanggap sa mababang posisyon ko sa top 10. Pero ang totoo, hindi ko sariling desisyon iyon. Bata pa ko nun at kung tutuusin, dapat ay wala pa kong pakialam sa ganitong mga bagay. Ngayon pa lang ay humihingi na ko ng paumanhin sa aking sasabihin. Naging competitive ako noon, pero mas naging competitive ang mga magulang ko. Siguro ay bunga na rin ng mga naging resulta ng aking mga naunang taon sa pag-aaral kaya tumaas ang expectations nila sa akin.

Kinder ako, naging valedictorian ako at nakakuha ng maraming awards. Pagpasok ng Grade 1, naging 1st honor ako at pati ng grade 2. Grade 3, hindi ko matandaan kung top 1 pa rin ako. Nung grade 4, dun ko nadiskubre ang katamaran. Puede naman pala di maging honor. Di rin talaga ako yung tipong mahilig gumawa ng assignment. Oo, option yan sa kin. Di rin ako nagaaral. Nagrereview lang pag may exam. Natapos ang taon, pasok pa rin naman ako sa top 10 pero mababa ang ranggo kong nakuha. Di ko sinabi sa mga magulang ko ang dahilan pero galit sila sa teacher ko sa pag aakalang may mali sa ginagawa nila kaya ako bumaba. At naulit ito nung grade 5 ako at mas bumaba pa nga sa ranking. Buyo na rin ng ilang kakilala na gumawa ng parehong hakbang nung inakala nilang may anomalya sa eskwela ng kanilang anak, sinabi ng magulang ko na wag na rin akong umattend ng recognition. Kung ako lang ang tatanungin, ayokong gawin. Pero dahil yun ang napagkasunduan sa bahay, sumunod ako. 

Pero makalipas ang ilang araw, ako na rin mismo ang gumawa ng paraan para magpaliwanag sa aking guro ng di ko pagpunta. Pero nagsinungaling ako. Sinabi ko na dahil wala akong maisusuot na barong kaya di ako nagpunta. May katotohanan naman ito. Maraming aktibidades sa eskwela ang di ko nasamahan dahil sa kakulangan sa pera. Nasa public school ako ng panahon na yun pero kapos pa rin ang budget namin. Hindi ko alam kung naniwala ang teacher ko sa dahilang ito. At ang pangyayaring iyon ay tingin kong nagpabago din sa pananaw ng aking pamilya pagdating sa mga honor-honor. Nawala na ang pressure pagkatapos nito.

Nung nag grade 6, medyo nagising din ako kahit paano. Sinabi ko sa sarili ko na kakayanin kong bumalik sa taas para sa kin at para na rin sa pamilya ko. Sinubukan kong humabol sa taas pero hindi pa rin kinaya. Nakakuha ako ng mataas na grade sa NEAT (Natl Elementary Achievement Test) na kung saan ay pinapasok ang score na makukuha dito sa computation sa report card. Pang top 3 ata ako sa result. Dahil dito, nakahabol ako para maging First Honorable mention. Masayang masaya ang pamilya ko at masaya rin ako para sa kanila.

Pagkatapos ay nag exam ako para sa high school, di ko pa natapos ang exam kaya kinabahan ako dahil isang eskwela lang ang pinagpasahan ko nun. Pagdating ng resulta, ayun top 5 pa pala ako. Kaya sa section 1 pa rin ang bagsak ko. Nakiramdam ako sa unang taon. Puro valedictorian at salutatorian ng iba’t ibang eskwela ang kaklase ko. Sabi ko mahirap ito. Pero subukan ko pa rin mag top. First grading, top 5 ata ako o top 4. Hindi ko maalala. Pero sabi ko madali lang naman pala. At pagkatapos nun, nagsimula na naman ang katamaran ko. Pero every end of year, kahit papano, nakakapasok naman ako sa top 10-15. Pinakamababang naging rank ko ata sa isang grading ay mas mababa sa 20.

Nung graduating na kami ng high school, sinabi ko sa sarili ko na ayokong nakaupo lang kapag dumating ang graduation. Gusto ko may isabit pa rin sa kin kahit pano ang mga magulang ko. Well, meron naman akong award, best in attendance. Di kasi ko pala-absent. Pero bukod pa don, nagpursigi rin ako nung 4th year. Bukod sa exams, pati sa extra curricular. Naging part ako ng theatre, naging Tennis player ng school, naging officer at member ng kung ano anong clubs. Hindi lang yun. May tinatawag ding NSAT, yung counterpart ng NEAT na this time sa high school naman. Taon taon kasing sinasama sa computation ng grades ang NSAT kaya alam kong hahatak na naman ito ng matindi. Dahil dun, pinag igihan ko, pero sakto lang. Basta umalalay lang ako sa review. Dito naman kasi ay stock knowledge lang ang labanan. Multiple choice pa nga e. Lumabas ang resulta, ako ang top 1. Pero pagkatapos, hindi na sinama sa computation ng grades ang score di tulad ng mga nangyari sa nakaraang taon. Kung bakit, hindi ko rin alam ang dahilan. Pero di ko na kinuwestyon. Hinayaan ko na lang. Ok na sa kin na nag top ako sa exam.  Isa pa, pinaghirapan naman buong taon ng ibang top students ang grade nila. At natapos naman ang taon, pumasok pa ko sa achievers bilang top 10 ng klase at hinirang na top male graduate ng batch sa kabila ng pagkakaroon ng iba pang mga lalakeng mas mataas ang ranking sa kin sa honor roll. 

Pag tuntong ng kolehiyo, ECE ang kinuha ko dahil isa ito sa mga courses na puedeng kunin ng isang DOST scholar. Di ko alam talaga kung ano ang gusto kong kunin. Dahil sa pagpupursigi na rin ng aking mahal na lolo(+) kaya rin ako nakapag-apply at nakapasa sa DOST scholarship exam. Nakakatakot pala ang college sa umpisa lang. Dahil pag nasanay ka na ay parang high school na naman uli. Natapos ang first sem, halos puro uno ang grade ko. Pang Dean’s list. Pero di ko na inapply. 2nd sem, ganon uli. Dahil dun, ayun na naman. Puede naman palang tamarin at wag mag seryoso pero papasa ka pa rin sa college. 2nd year, naging classmate ko na ang asawa ko. Nagkaroon kami ng calculus na subject. Unang exam, 2 lang pumasa. Isa sya don. Ako yung isa, sa mga bumagsak. Dahil dun, nahiya naman ako. Gusto ko siyang ligawan tapos bagsak ako sa exam. Kaya nag-aral muna kong maigi at nung nakapasa na ko, saka na lang ako nagpapansin sa kanya. Nainspire ako kumbaga at naging kami. Pero nung naging kami na, nagtry naman ako maging working student. After nun, nagkaroon na ko ng mga withdraw at muntikanan pang bumagsak at sangkaterbang tres na grade.

Buti at di ganon kahigpit ang DOST. Nasuspend lang ako at hindi naterminate sa scholarship. Isang sem din yun na walang allowance. Nakabawi ako ng sumunod na grading at nagtino na uli. At dire diretso hanggang sa makagraduate. Normal na lang yung tres sa kin pagkatapos noon.

Pandaraya, iniwasan ko yan. Masasabi kong di ko ginawa sa mga exams yan mula elementary hanggang high school. Sinubukan ko ito isang beses sa exam sa college, electronics ang subject. Pero kamalas malasan, ang naibato sa king kodigo ay pang set 1, e set 2 ang exam ko. May nakuha naman akong ilang sagot kahit pano. Maliban dun, di talaga ko nandaya sa exam. Pero madalas sa mga assignments at projects. Halimbawa, kung kelan pasahan e saka ko lang gagawin. O kaya naman e nagpapagawa ako sa iba. Sinasabi ko ito para sabihing di ako straight masyado pagdating sa pag-aaral, hindi para ito ay inyong gayahin.

Ang pangongopya ay hindi ko talaga ginawa. Kung ginawa ko ito, dapat sana e mataas lagi grades ko nung college dahil ang ex-gf ko (misis ko)  ay kaklase ko mula 2nd yr. Madalas kami magkatabi. Napakasipag at matalino talaga siya.  Valedictorian siya ng elementary at high school. Ang grade nya  sa college ay pang cum laude ang average, kung hindi lang sa TRES na binigay ng teacher nila noong first year pa lang sa Trigonometry (sisiw sa kanya ito) na di naman ata nagcocompute ng grades. Basta tres lang ang marami sa kanila.  Pero bale wala naman na ito sa kanya at di ko nakitang dinamdam nya. Naging maayos naman ang kanyang naging career at masasabing malayo na ang narating ng aking kabiyak. Pareho din kaming pumasa ng board exam.

Bukod sa kanya, ang kapatid ko na nag-aral sa parehong pamantasan ay nabigo rin na maging cum laude dahil sa nakuha nyang tres sa kanyang propesor nung last semester pa nya sa kabila ng kanyang matataas na result ng exams. Running for magna pa ata siya dapat. Ikinalungkot nya ito at nainis din talaga ko sa nangyari. Pero ganon ata talaga, hindi laging patas ang laban. Pero ngayon, may pamilya na siya, may asawa at isang anak, may bahay at kotse na pinagsikapan at patuloy na tumutulong sa aming mga magulang. Proud ako sa kapatid ko.

At ang dalawa kong kapatid na babae na mas bata, hindi man sila honor students pero pinagmamalaki ko na nag-aral ng mabuti at nakatapos ang mga ito na walang naging problema. Hanggang ngayon, nagttrabaho sila ng maayos at tumutulong sa aming mga magulang. Kung sa sipag at pagsisikap lang, aaminin kong talo ako nitong 2 babae kong kapatid. Hindi ko alam kung inisip nilang pressure ang pagkakaroon ng honor students na mga kuya pero hindi naman namin ito sa kanila pinaramdam at bagkus ay sinuportahan naming 2 mga kuya ang pag-aaral nilang dalawa hanggang sa makatapos.

Sa trabaho, mas lalo kong nakita na hindi talaga patas ang mundo. Ilang beses ko ring sinubukang ipaglaban ang tama. Nung una ay masyado akong naging agresibo. Hanggang natutunan ko rin na ang pakikipaglaban para sa tama ay hindi laging madali at hindi nadadaan sa bugso ng damdamin. May mga tamang daanan at paraan kung paano ito gawin. Hindi ito mabilis na proseso. Ang mga ganitong bagay ay lubos na tinitimbang at iniimbestigahan bago desisyonan. At sa huli, maaaring ang resulta ng bagay na ating pinaglalaban ay hindi pa rin ayon sa gusto nating mangyari. Ganyan ang buhay. Tulad ng nangyari sa balitang-balita ngayon na salutatorian na si Krisel Mallari. Kaya ako lubos na apektado ay dahil nairerelate ko ang ilang bahagi ng buhay ko sa nangyari sa kanya. Nakita ko rin ang posibleng maging negatibong epekto nito sa kanya pag nagpatuloy ito. Subalit higit na mas malaki ang responsibilidad dito ng kanyang magulang. Sila ang sanang gumabay sa kanya upang maunawaan na hindi lang ang grado o ang ranking sa eskwela ang dapat pahalagahan. Ang pagrespeto sa kapwa, sa institusyon, sa proseso, pagtanggap ng pagkabigo at pagkatalo, pagkakaibigan, pamilya ay ilan lang sa mga bagay na mas importante kesa sa anumang awards na puede nating matanggap.

Hanga ako sa tapang nya sa pagsasalita sa harap ng madla. Subalit naniniwala ako na hindi niya ito pansariling desisyon. Marahil ay may buyo ito at pagtulak mula sa mga magulang. Ang sanang nakita dito ni Krisel ay ang maaaring maging reaksyon ng tao patungkol sa valedictorian na ngayon ay naging biktima na rin ng panghuhusga ng pandaraya ng maraming taong nakikisimpatya sa kanya. Wala ni isa sa mga taong nagbigay ng konklusyon na siya ay nandaya na may alam sa totoong nangyari sa loob ng paaralan. Bukod pa dito ang pagkadismaya rin ng iba sa nakikitang pagsira sa isang okasyon na dapat sana ay masaya bilang pagdiriwang ng pagtatapos ng daan daang estudyante sa kabila ng paghihirap nila at ng kanilang mga magulang. At isa pa ay ang maaring idulot nitong masamang epekto sa kanyang reputasyon bilang bagong estudyante sa kolehiyo at sa kanyang mga kompanyang papasukan. Bilang isa na rin sa mga namumuno sa isang grupo sa aking pinapasukang kumpanya, masasabi kong hindi magandang pag-uugali ng isang maaring maging empleyado ang pinakita niya rito. Maaaring iba ang opinyon ng mga tao dito subalit bilang isang dating katulad nya na nakaramdam ng pagiging biktima ng hindi pagiging patas, natuto ako at nakaunawa na sa ganitong mga bagay, mas importante ang kung paano natin dadalhin ang ganitong mga pangyayari sa buhay. May panahon pa si Krisel at ang Valedictorian para patunayan ang kanilang mga sarili at matutunan na maraming pang mas malalaking bagay na dapat nilang pahalagahan.

At ang sinulat kong ito naman ay sana’y syang magsisilbing paalala kung paano ko aantabayanan ang aking mga anak balang araw kapag sila na ang pumapasok sa eskwela.No pressures mga anak, basta mag-aral lang kayo maigi, pumasa sa mga subjects at wag sayangin ang oras na pinagkaloob sa inyo para mag-aral at matuto sa loob at labas ng paaralan.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Giving Praise Weakens

Motivating people can be done in many ways. Whatever is effective to one person mostly depends on his personality. It varies.  And appreciating what one person does is the most common way to do it.  Though there must be limits to it. 

Giving praise to what a person does must be kept in check. Providing too little of it will make someone feel ignored. Be generous about it but with just the right amount. Too much praise on the other hand keeps someone stagnant and standards will be weakened. Acknowledging someone because he does something he is expected to do is not helpful to his growth when done many times. 

Giving praise, as well as criticism, are great tools in motivating people. But always remember to use it with the right dosage.


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