Thursday, September 17, 2015

15 Yr Old Poem

I was cleaning my drawer and found some old stuff I kept there for a long time. One of them was the draft of a poem I wrote for my wife who was still my girlfriend then as a gift for our relationship's third month celebration. I rewrote it on a greeting card then gave it to her on January 2011 which means it's barely a decade and a half old. The paper is old, my penmanship was ugly (and still is) but the emotions and memories it brings are fresh and alive. Written ideas and emotions are still as powerful as they are at this age. 

Though I forgot what the title of this poem was. I'll better ask my wife for the greeting card to update this later.

The draft

Completion and contentment are those which were asked
In this humble world existing, where life moves so fast.
To find them is not easy, even to tell if it is true,
But all those thoughts just vanished, it's all because of you

You showed me the direction that I won't walk astray.
By giving much attention, you lighted up my way.
Once I thought I was nothing yet you have shown my worth,
I was afraid to move then, now I go back and forth.

You are my guardian angel when I feel very low,
You're always there beside me albeit I'm against the flow.
No wonder why a minute is like a day when you're far,
But when we are together, a day seemed to be an hour.

Admitting that sometimes, we have those misunderstandings.
Times which weren't wasted but strengthened our bonding.
Without these things, it won't get any sweeter.
Everything will be all right as long as we're together.

Time passes by so swiftly, just like a blink of an eye.
Though we must not forget, who's making us survive.
The One who made it possible by guiding me to you,
He's the Lord God Almighty, together with me and you.

1 comment:

  1. Heart-melting...

    Hayst. It must have been heaven that you have found each other.

    A God-centered relationship will always be a blessed one :) :)



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