Monday, September 7, 2015

Wasting Time on Trivial Preferences

You bought a new phone only to know later that its features are not really what you needed and the one that could have suit you better which you picked your phone over costs a lot cheaper. Making wrong choices on things that cost us money, time and effort happens to most of us. That is considering how we spend a lot of time researching about the latest phone models before purchasing one for example. 

And for the movies or tv series we are watching, many throw in a lot of effort in defending those choices we make. Network war is a big deal here even to the point that common people would bring up tv ratings and survey results that they know nothing about. And these discussions are usually serious ones. 

The word preference itself speaks about its variety among people. We are faced with many choices everyday and your preference is what makes it easier for you to choose. There are those which aren't charged with moral nor social responsibility. You just need to choose then that's it. Like whether you want an apple or a banana for snack, it should not matter what tv network you are watching this afternoon. Same as what phone brand you want to buy. These are all but things that are competing to catch your attention. Which ever wins it, it is definitely different with how it is with others. No one is right or wrong. 

But there are other preferences that need better attention from all of us. Like politics, investments, beliefs and education for example. Unfortunately, a big part of the population just let the system or the majority dictate their option regarding these matters. If only more of us spend more thinking into these things compared to the former, I wonder how better our society would be.

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  1. I have only three requirements when it comes to buying phone: 1. It can send text messages, 2. It can be used to call people, 3. It has a good camera that I can use to take photos discreetly and 4. It can connect to Internet.

    At tama ka, dapat yung imprtanteng isyu ang dapat inuubusan ng oras at enerhiya pero mas madali kasing pagtalunan kung ang TV channel ang mas magaling. :-P



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