Sunday, December 20, 2015

That Thing Called Elections

For the better of for the worse part, entertainment is a huge part in the daily lives of Filipinos. No matter how serious some matters are, we still see things in a lighter mode. Though we also have that onion-skinned reputation around the globe, we still can't miss those opportunities of making fun of any thing even ourselves.

For example, election is far and it's so early to support particular candidates. But the fiesta-like mode and showbiz type bickering of candidates and their supporters started this early. Yes, it's illegal to campaign prematurely but no one's complaining about it, right? I don't know.

I promise myself though not to get caught by all the drama and get entangled in the battle of personalities rather than of ideas and platforms. I'm just so happy that the election is still months to go because I don't know who to vote for yet. But, I could share the things I would like to see my future leaders are advocating and this would be my basis in choosing my candidates.

- Freedom of information Law
- Anti-political Dynasty Law
- Laws that will honour and respect the dignity and authentic rights of the Filipino people most especially the poor and the marginalized
- Improvement of taxation
- Upholding the country's sovereignty and unity under the constitution

I may not see a candidate promoting all of them but will definitely support anyone who will advocate the first two of this list which bring a lot of pain to this country due to their non existence. We need to think of "what" the country needs first before the "who".

It's the right of every citizen to discuss, criticize and talk about the candidates and the elections in general. It's also our right to laugh about what's happening in the country. I'm also entertained by this. It's better than WWE. Laughing is good for the health.  Try doing it always. Just make sure that after all of these festivities and merriment, we are not the ones who are the laughingstock

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