Monday, November 23, 2015

Modern Feminism's Worst Fruit

The worst fruit of modern feminism in our world today is that a lot of women are reacting similarly to two extremely opposite character of the male gender, chivalry and male chauvinism. Of course, no one wants a man who thinks his gender put him automatically on superiority over all the women around him

But with the gentlemen, for these modern feminists, these behaviours which were once norms are considered sexist. What men can do, women are capable as well. So assistance that weren't asked for is offensive. You don't need to help them open doors, guide them upstairs, give them seats on trains and buses, etc. By doing so, they would take it as if you think of them as weak.

And some are wondering where have all the gentlemen gone. Well, they are around, confused and don't know what to do and how to behave like a man any more. As for the rude guys, well, they are still around. Why, do we expect them to respect the modern feminist views and change their bad ways?

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