Thursday, August 9, 2012

True Leader's Problem

As a leader, I would be more thankful if my predecessors weren’t that exemplary and left with some huge problems. That would easily make me work and look great as a leader. I’ll probably pick up the major issues first. Then get some people I trust to work with me. And address the minor ones as well.  We can’t fix everything for the whole term but at least, we’ll focus to do better.  And look better. And if they are really that bad, I don’t even have to reiterate it. I’ll just have to do my stuff.  Then I won’t sound whining or complaining. 

Compare that to getting the seat after a great term. That would make the job more difficult. Less opportunity is left. I might just need to do lots of maintenance. And a few new projects. This looks easy for a normal man. But again, I’m talking about a leader. And true leaders won’t love doing nothing.

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  1. I'd do the reverse. I think that I'll start with minor things first. Para sakin, I need to start with the grassroots of my own administration. Moreover, these small problems can aggravate the major problems that exists.

    And yes, leaders hate doing nothing.

    1. Thanks bro. Well, kanya kanya namang style yan kung ano ang uunahin. =)

      Yung namention ko na major problem, I'm referring to the problems which have larger impacts to the people. Tipong marami ang apektado para ramdam din agad ng tao ang ginhawa. Bale, I'm following the Pareto principle po dito or the 80-20 rule. Natutunan ko sa previous employer ko (naks).

      - Rogie



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