Saturday, August 17, 2013

Worrying Less and a Comeback

It's almost a month since the last time there was an activity in my blog. And I apologize. Honestly I did it deliberately. I had a lot of things to write about but I took some time off to try looking for some more. 

Major things happened the past weeks. I passed an exam that would enable me to do some other stuffs that matter to me. I also enjoyed the FIBA Asia week where our national team won the silver medal and earned them a slot for next year's world cup of basketball. I also attended a week long work-related technical training. Then there are those news about big scams which are large enough to shake up a whole country.

I'm excited for this.

I also have some concerns that is enough to shake my head a bit. Right at this moment, my service laptop is not booting. Obviously,  I can't do anything at work without it. My files are all there. And it's a holiday at work on Monday and I'm not sure if the IT guys are available in the morning. I have to work on Monday night. And I tried accessing my email on my other notebook but my password seemed to have expired last week. And to have it reset isn't that simple. Even if I have my laptop fixed, at least a day is needed to recover from an expired password. And I will have tons of email for not being able to login for more than a week due to training. And there are work loads waiting for me.  The situation is very worrisome. But tonight, I can't do anything about it. I can only wait until Monday to start solving it. And that's the only thing I can do now.

Worry breeds more worries. If I take one, I will surely get a lot more later. Worrying won't give me a solution but will only present me more problems that I can't solve right now either. Ahh. I needed that for my self. I mean, setting aside those worries.

For now, I'll just enjoy what remains of my "worry-free" weekend tomorrow with my family. I'll use most of my time playing with my 1.5 yr old son. We had a great time last week while watching Gilas Pilipinas games at FIBA Asia Champs on tv. He seemed amused and entertained by how I reacted to the games like during the last NBA finals and with the recent FIBA. And it's funny that he's imitating my reactions everytime we watch basketball. I'm also enjoying the moment with my wife while we both feel and observe the strong kicks of our little fellow in her tummy. Oh, I haven't told you yet about Mik's expected younger sibling.  We're expecting a new member of the family later this year.  We have yet to know the gender but during the last ultrasound, there's a big chance that our expected second child is a girl. We're really very excited about it. Our family is growing and Mik will be a "kuya".  It's still months from now but I hope you can include us on your prayers most importantly for the safe and healthy delivery of my wife.  I'll give you update next month once we get to know the gender of our second kid. 

He did this by himself while watching Gilas members singing the Natl Anthem

And also, it's not only my family which is growing but also my blog's online page. Just some time ago, there was only more than 500 likers. But it doubled in a month's time. Thanks a lot for continuously following my blog and my page. Those of you who haven't liked it, here's the link. I share some stuffs there which aren't in my blog. I also post there external links from other sources. I also put there the links to my articles in "Tapat" newspaper. I have a column there which all are written in Filipino so apologies if my non-tagalog readers here won't understand my articles there. But just in case, drop me an email or a comment so I can translate my Tagalog write ups for you and then I'll post them here.

So this is my official comeback post after more than three weeks in hiatus. You can expect more posts in this blog for the coming week. Thanks again for your support on this page.



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