Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Striving For The Same Things Again

Your list will probably look like a recycled version of the same set of resolutions of the previous years.  Same plans, same wishes, same targets.  And then you will also see these things on your friends’ Facebook posts. Let’s summarize all of these in just one sentence. We all want to succeed this time around.

But what success for you is most probably different from the others’ definition of it. I try to avoid using the word “success” because of this fact. For some, success is simple. But this simplicity is dangerous. They see it very materialistically. If a person has a car, a house, a good paying job, for them it’s already success.  Well it is. But it isn't and must not be “THE” success.

I listed here my resolutions, targets and plans. And I’ll try to make a list just once then I’ll never create another one for next year. I’ll just reuse it.  And once I’m done, then it’s up to you to call if it’s a success or not:

1.       Make the people that matter to me feel and realize that they matter to me.  Always.
2.       Stay healthy for myself and my family.
3.       Continue learning about anything for the sake of learning and sharing.
4.       Strive for less. I will decrease my engagements by dealing with only what matters.
5.       Leave a lesson or advice to my children (and some other people around me) that they might take which will make them remember me one day for its positive outcome.
6.       Prepare for the day when I’m gone that those who I will leave will not be very sad for long while thinking when and where they will get the money from to live by.
7.       Guiding my children on becoming good and sensible citizens of this planet.
8.       Prepare for the day when I’m gone that I’ll never be regretting the life that I lived.

I now have my list. I might add some on the following years but this will be the core. I am not a fan of doing a resolutions list but since I created one, this will be my “new year’s resolution” over and over again until I’m gone forever.  I also got tired of promising myself the same things so I filtered my list, pick up the essentials and put it back in here because even in our trash cans, not everything can be recycled. Some of them will get rotten and stink if you use them repeatedly.  Start picking up which are important and focus working on them. Happy New Year.


  1. The best resolutions ay yung mga gagawin mo for other people, especially the ones important to you, not for yourself alone. Happy New Year paps! :)

  2. i love number 8. buti ka pa...may sustansya ang year-end post. cheers para sa 2014!

  3. hindi rin ako palagawa ng new year's resolution,
    i just visualize what I would like to happen for this coming year, and do it if i can.

    i like the first 3 of your list :)
    and i think every parent should aim for your #7 :)

    happy new year po!
    more power and God bless, lalo na sa family :)

  4. Great idea! It's the same case for everyone I guess. One year is merely not enough to do all those things, so we recycle them. Happy new year.

  5. Grabe no? Dati nung mga early 20's palang ako, gusto ko madaming goals, projects, lakad, at kung ano ano. Parang less-of-a-person ka kapag hindi madami ang ginagawa mo. Mas ok pala yung onti. You end up livin your life more.

    Happy new year!

  6. Kapag family man ka na talaga, di mawawala ung healthy family at pangangaral sa mga anak upang maging mabuting mamamayan ng ating bansa.

    Have a healthy and positive New Year to you and your entire family sir Rogie :))

    Cheers for 2014!



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