Monday, January 20, 2014

Why Am I Writing?

...and because you guys are awesome to share your time reading my articles. Thanks! And please don't forget to like the TIG Facebook Page


  1. This is very true. Writing for me is a very introspective experience. I get to learn more about myself.

  2. Gusto ko ang reason mo.... ganyan nga... ^^

  3. just like your page. my pleasure to make tambay here. malusog brain cells mo eh.

  4. isang malaking check!

    sulat lang ng sulat. let it all out :) wala naman rules sa blogging kung anu ang dapat at di dapat nating isulat as long as di ka naman nakakasakit ng kapwa mo.

  5. Happy Weekend!

    at nakikisalo ako sa iyong rason. at add ko na rin in writing I clearly learn to know my self,my dreams, goals and pacify my self especially if I'm frustrated or sad.



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