Friday, October 3, 2014

One Click Mentality

My breakfasts are amazing especially that my wife always prepare a good set of it. I also do the preparations at times but since I have to start working at 4:30 AM daily, all I can do is to prepare my coffee and wait for my wife's cooking. Or sometimes if we are both too busy, everything else will be instant. Noodles, pancit canton, canned goods, etc. I admit that the taste of these kinds of food are mostly good. It's the preservatives, maybe?

Listening to the news daily, on the other hand, is a different story. 80% of it are bad or even more than that. Corrupt government, crimes, poverty, tragedies and disasters are the usual headlines. If there's one thing that we can't be desensitized from, it's with the nation's problems. Even if most of them seemed happening repeatedly, most will still make you sick to your stomach.

Are there solutions to these? For sure there are. But are we taking the right steps towards it? Is the public really aware of what we need to do to alleviate these problems? Or are we all just taking things in face value and not looking for the root cause? With the suggestions that we are hearing, it seems that it is the case.

For poverty, there's RH law. For crime solving, it's death penalty. For governance issues and corruption, it's to support this candidate for president. It's like for every big problem that this country have, there's a one click solution that we can readily choose from. And many are buying into them. I can't blame these people. Most probably, they are tired of it all and just want sudden changes and hoping that a superhero or a super-formula antidote is found somewhere and can make things happen like a simple one click solution.

The irony though is that the this kind of thinking is the same mindset that causes most of our society's trouble. Most of us wanted shortcuts. When applying for government permits and licenses, when driving thru our congested roads, when we want to achieve something, we have our own ways of what we call "diskarte" to get it done quicker. Usually, "diskarte" is about something not legal that we just turn a blind eye on. We deem them as normal since a lot is already doing it. One click and it's done.

Looking at the nation's situation deeper, everything is interrelated. The effect that we see could be the root, same as the chicken and egg situation. Everything is crisscrossed that suggesting a huge one-click solution could spell another disaster. In mathematics, the simplest solutions are usually the best ones. But in our society, the simple solutions, especially those that are not analyzed well and are merely products of public clamor and emotions can be a can of worms that once opened will extend the tentacles of the illnesses of the society rather than fixing them. Just as instant meals which usually taste good but lacks the nutrients that our body needs.

And I love my breakfast today. A cup of rice, "bistek" which my mom cooked yesterday, fried egg and a cup of coffee. I eat a lot for breakfast but I usually miss out on dinner. I read somewhere that it's a healthy practice. Though I think skipping or eating a meal is not the point whether it's healthy or not. It's still on what things you put on your plate and how much of it you take that matters.

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  1. True. We want everything in an instant, that we don't realize that we need to analyze and calculate the risk. That's the problem. We're in a haste of everything, solve them single-handedly and when we realize that it is wrong, we complain and look for another instant solution. Hopefully, we Filipinos could learn, not just forget and forgive.



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