Thursday, May 12, 2016

The "Non-Intellectual" Votes

I was too naive then. When I was a first time voter, I also had this notion that choosing candidates is purely an intellectual practice.  It was difficult to fathom the reasons of those who voted for politicians who obviously did not have the qualifications for the posts they were running for. 

Realizing later that the reasons for electing politicians vary among us voters, I began to understand other's choice whatever they are. Maybe for us who have decent jobs, are able to provide food on the table and have comfortable beds to sleep on, our brains take the major part in the selection process. But there are those whose hopes for the elected leaders have a higher stake than ours. Like those under the funding programs of politicians like housing, food, education and livelihood, a loss for their candidate is a dagger to them. On which it is the heart and perhaps a rumbling stomach which directs them in deciding who to vote for. It's an immediate need for them. There are legitimate programs that the government is giving them which are based on who's running the show and disappear when they are not in power. And unless there's someone who can ensure continuity of these projects for them, their votes, no matter how we thought of them, are the best choices for them.

One more angle is this. When you have a problem and you try to get help from another person, you do not necessarily look for the brightest people at the onset. You try first with the person whom you find reachable, could empathize and understand your situation. Someone you think who can relate to you as they might have gone through the same troubles. I think that many politicians have a better grasp of this idea that's why most of them try to package themselves as someone who is like the most of us. Though sometimes it back fires because many could identify the authentic ones.
There also comes a time that you will establish the beliefs, principles and convictions you would stand for. If you have gone through this process, you will begin to understand that voting is not a mere mental exercise but a holistic one that requires your whole person; emotional, psychological, spiritual and physical to participate in it.

And also, if elections were really that simple, there wouldn't be much spending and effort coming from those candidates. For they know, people have different reasons to select among them and they have to cover the majority of these causes. Indeed, politicians know us more than we voters know ourselves. I also made those condescending remarks to people who choose their candidates differently from how I did.  And now, I realize and embarrassed to admit how wrong I was.

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