Monday, March 20, 2017

Our Hearts' Desires

We rarely notice that we have this tendency of demeaning the naturally good or amoral things. Some of the most common examples are decency, money and being a churchgoer. It is done usually by equating the first one to a cloak for a darker character, the second as a sign of greed or materialism, and the latter for being a hypocrite.

Examining deeper, such behavior is actually a result of frustration or envy. Like for how some succumbs to the hardships of self-control than striving for decency in spite of failing constantly. And on how the misfortune of others are blamed upon those who are better of in terms of material wealth while finding faults and attributing it to their affluence. Lastly for those who surrendered to the pressures of sins while trying to drag with them those who continuously persevere despite acknowledging their status of being a sinner. 

To summarize it, while having different reactions, deep in our hearts we all have the same desires for we all have the same Creator. 

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