Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Ignored Genius

This page is dedicated for all the world's ignored great ideas, knowledge, skills, important attributes and for all the people who bear them. Many of these are known to some. The majority knows that some things are to be done, some things are to be applied, and some things are to be changed in order to achieve what is better. But most doesn't have the courage to speak out and follow what they think is right as most people want to be identified with what's popular and what's with the majority. 

It gives the wrong notion of "comfort zone" and makes a person allergic to change and will just accept what the "popular" dictates. As tiny as this page might be compared to the large voices that the known guys shout out, it will continue whispering to your ears about the ideas that you already knew but just keeps on ignoring.


  1. whohoo! nagblog ka na rin! welcome welcome!

  2. Salamat pre. at dahil ikaw ang kauna unahan kong commenter, bibigyan kita ng lifetime viewing and commenting rights sa lahat ng posts ko. hahahaha. thanks thanks. :D

  3. Ako naman yata ang pangalawa. Hehe. Congrats sa bagong blog!

  4. Wow! It's an honor to have you dropping by on my blog, Fitz! salamat po. Sobrang dami kong nakukuhang info and knowledge sa blog mo and sobrang nakakainspire. Suki na ko dun, hahahaha. Salamat uli :)



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