Saturday, March 31, 2012

Life’s Permanent Failures

There are some things in life that seems to need more than a lifetime for us to fix. You may think you have done everything but to no avail. Some bad things are bound to happen as a perfect life isn’t really possible. It’s like an 80-20 rule (Pareto principle) that our lives is mostly all right but the remaining of it is not. But what’s worse is that what affects us most are those not so good realities. Or maybe because it's how we allow these things to influence us.

So what can we do to them? Or maybe the question should be do we really need to do something about them? Can we just ignore them or just wait for ourselves to succumb to these harsh truths in life? Practically, there are no certain answers and that leaves us with that one big step which we call acceptance. Accept that such things, persons and events are inevitable. Accept that some of them are here to stay as long as we are living. Accept that we will never succeed on everything and that some of the change we have always wanted might only happen when our lifetime ends

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