Thursday, November 22, 2012

Dinosaurs are old, Robots are New (Godzilla wins and so will you)

I already made a lot of wrong decisions in life. I thought that quick success was possible. And that it could be done by riding on those attractive, new and fast-paced ways marketed by the so-called ‘experts’. These experts would tell you to just follow what they do. No need to ask. Just copy their formula and technique and you’re in for a zooming ride to success. It could be true as it happened to some. Maybe with sheer luck. But not everyone is lucky. Not me. But I’m blessed. And one blessing I have is an open mind to learn from the mistakes that I committed. And it makes all the wrong decisions I made bearable and meaningful.

Young energetic pseudo-experts who proclaim the modern and the new as the best, quickest and most exciting way to reach the top are the usual scenes we see in almost every field today.  And push further by bringing down and trashing the old ways.  Many ignorant and unsuspecting victims are easily mesmerized and enchanted by the “wit and charisma” of these messengers of the new age. Dinosaurs are out and the cyber-age is in, they say.

Godzilla vs MechaGodzilla  (

And the choice looks so easy. It’s cool to be a fan of the “rockstars” of their trades. Who likes to be left out sitting on a corner listening to the lectures of a boring old conservative folk?

But taking it from those who already reached the top of their game, they tell us otherwise. It’s the expertise of the old tricks, the basics and the fundamentals which brought them up to the peak and to excellence. Understanding the thing that they do and why they were doing it is what catapulted their careers to great heights. There were no shortcuts for most of them.

I don’t care what you’re doing or what you’re trying to accomplish; you can’t skip fundamentals if you want to be the best.”- Michael Jordan


Modern is not at all bad. Being knowledgeable about new techniques is also great. But by doing it without tad recognition of its foundation, basics and history is a blind walk away from what is true and proper.


  1. hmmm malalim ata ang inspiration ng post na ito.

    pero true naman, hindi komo't okay dun sa isang successful na tao ang formula okay na sa iyo.

    i think yung iba't ibang formula sa buhay ay talagang trial and error. ikaw talaga ang magtitimpla o magku-customize kung ano fit sa iyo.

    trip ko ang title mo. hehehe!

    1. hehehe, salamat Madam Hoshi. Nahirapan nga ko magisip ng title, naisip ko lang na paglabanin ang dinosaur at robot. at naggoogle ako't lumabas sila godzilla. at naisipan ko na lang gawan ng rhyme. hahahaha!

  2. this is truely inspirational! na nose bleed ako! lol!



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