Monday, February 25, 2013

Be Proud and Discriminating

I used to say that I am proud without even doing or achieving anything.  How is that possible? By the way, news just came in that 25 yr old Danilo Malinoc Gunaban of the province of Buligan just won the first ever World Water Polo Championship for our country. That’s great news! I’m proud to be a Buliganon! 

Discrimination is an irony. Or maybe on how people think what it is all about. By trying to avoid it, we do crazy things that eventually aggravate it. When people tries to make someone or a group who were once discriminated feel special, it's always a borderline of saying that they really are not special but for the sake of making them feel good now, they will celebrate things to show them that they are. And for those among them who aren't actually feeling the ill treatment for their group, they’ll be reminded again of the harsh things which were once done to their people.  Then they will again feel the discrimination which they never noticed was there in the first place. Discrimination is one thing that when every time people talk about it, the more it gets committed. The more it is tried being avoided, the more it gets worse.

We do this a lot.

Discrimination happens. No doubt about it. But there are ways of trying to console the victim which is in itself a message of discrimination. Like celebration and cheers on feats of some people and attaching their achievement to their race, ethnicity, color, beliefs, gender or anything else about them except of their hard work and discipline. Then some people of their same race, ethnicity, color, beliefs, gender, or any other else will relate themselves to that person without even doing anything that reflect his greatness. That is discrimination at its best. I mean worst.

Then there's the annual celebration of remembering specific color, gender, ethnicity, affiliation, etc to commemorate their contributions to the society. It’s good if done once. Or maybe twice.  But doing it annually is a joke. It is as if it’s not usual for them to do such big things that we have to be reminded yearly how great they are. We’re all humans anyway. We’re all capable to do things what our neighbor, classmate, friend, or any other living human beings can do.  Of course, excluding things which some of us are limited due to our biological make, we all are of the same mold.  The more we do these “memorials”, the more we segregate people. And the more we tell people that our color or the thing between our legs matter to what we give into this world, the more hate it produces and discrimination becomes more rampant.  The only thing that these acts achieved in the past few years is that it turned the table around. The oppressed of the past is now getting on the offensive side. And most of the time, by using the "discrimination card".


Okay, the news on the first paragraph is a fake. You can’t win a championship alone in water polo. It’s a team sports. And there’s no such thing as a province of Buligan in our country nor there such a Danilo Maniloc Gunaban guy. Or maybe there is. And if there’s one such guy named like that then I’m sorry. Though if ever he achieves something great in the future then I will be proud of him. But I won’t dare say I’m proud to be Pinoy because of it. He will be successful because of his hard work and discipline, not simply because he is a Filipino.  If that happens and if I would say I’m proud to be Pinoy, then I’m discriminating.


  1. I like the points you tried to raise here... thought provoking.

  2. Meron na ngayong concept sa US na tinatawag nilang reverse discrimination. Something like, the people who were used to be discriminated, or those who are stereotypically discriminated are now the ones who oppress others or use the discrimination card against the supposedly superior ones.

    I don't know if I made sense there.

    Anyway, I use the "belief strategy" here. Because 'what we believe in' is reflected in our behavior. So, I ask myself, if I truly believe you and I are equals, what would I do then?

  3. Marami kasi the only discrimination that counts is discrimination (whether real or perceived) against themselves. They're so ready to support causes that they think will "lift" that discrimination but the ripples only create more discrimination/brokenness. It's always hard to admit you're part of the problem, instead of the solution. I don't know if there will be a permanent fix for all of this -- kasi mukhang the only fix is conversion of heart eh. And in that respect, naku, tambak pa kailangan natin gawin.



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