Friday, November 22, 2013

Living Together in Loneliness

We all know the feeling of being alone. It is a natural human emotion that all of us experience, some at a specific point in time while some are lonely most of their lives.

Sometimes, you want to do something different from what the others are doing. You may also have an idea contrary to what the majority thinks. And you know that in all angles, nothing’s wrong with your idea and what you’re trying to do. And you understand the thing very well while the others don’t. But you will find people who just don’t want you to continue and to go on. They will attack you, your idea and your action. They will try to embarrass you in public trying to expose how stupid you are to think that something in contrary to what most people believe will work. 

They will drag you and push you down. They will force you to change your mind. They will try to make you act and think like them.  For them, you can’t be serious in thinking opposite of what they are.  

But most of the time, these people are lonely. Not just physically. It’s something deeper. And they are not aware of it but their action speaks louder about it. They won’t let other people move away from them, much more think or act differently. They feel safe and secured with others thinking and acting like them. They get angry and emotional when you say something different. They will not try to understand. They won’t understand. They are lonely and emotional. Behind the anger is the truth that they want to be beside you, to hug you and to kiss you that you’ll be with them forever. And that you will live together in loneliness.

Would you join them?

They want you to be lonely just like them. Knowing that other people do the same as they are creates an illusion of togetherness. But in the end, all of them will end up feeling reclusive while just doing and thinking the same thing. You may not be doing just like them. They may insult you and speak you harsh words for being in contrast with them.  But it’s a choice that you can make. That is deciding to finally feel the warmth of being together with the things and idea that you truly love.

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