Thursday, November 28, 2013

Start With The Obvious

Our brains seemed predisposed into always looking for the secrets, the conspiracies, and the hidden. And often that we leave out the obvious. And we can observe that people are more and more becoming gullible on the things they see, hear and read. No matter how outrageous some stories are, they will quickly react and won’t even bother to verify the information. And then share it. Satires make rounds and you see people accepting them as truth. Funny at first. But once seeing a huge number who do the same, it’s not funny anymore. Comedy becomes tragedy since it affects the society in general.

Your brain is always looking for this.

More often than not, the important details are found on the obvious. But these are also the ones that we miss a lot. We try to look for the hidden behind the walls, under the table or inside the circle that the essentials staring at our face are ignored. We love tickling our brains with the stealthy stuffs. The sad part is that a lot of us make choices because of the unverified which usually appeal more to the emotion. And we tend to disqualify the important details and statistics that could have helped us make a sound a better judgment.

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  1. minsan, marahil dala na rin ng ating matinding emosyon, natatabunan na nito ang ating kakayahan na timbang-timbangin ang mga bagay bagay at sitwasyon.



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