Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Motivational Push or Pull?

Motivation is always a good start in accomplishing something. While you're at it, you must need to work on practicing self motivation. Motivation is like a spark, powerful at the beginning but fades quickly afterwards. Self motivation is what lasts. The push comes from within. Unlike in initial motivation, it always comes from the outside. 

Though a problem about being self motivated is when some people can't recognize a person who has it. Others think that every person needs a motivation from them. A self motivated person needed a push the least and it gets annoying when done repeatedly. That person already knows what he's doing and why he's doing it. He's self motivated. He'll move towards his chosen direction. A push from the outside might actually do more harm than good. His path might get derailed. So be careful in motivating others. Not everyone needs it.Especially if you're pushing too hard.


  1. This is a great reminder! Thanks for this :)

  2. Gifted yung mga taong madaling makahugot ng inner motivations sa sarili nila. In my case kasi, minsan hirap na hirap akong i-motivate ang sarili ko to do something kaya kinakailangan ko pa talagang humanap ng motivations sa tulong ng ibang tao.

  3. In short, pag-isipan muna nang mabuti bago mag-motivate ng tao. Baka nakasasama na pala ang motivation na ginagawa mo.

  4. true! sa akin at sa ginagawa ko sa iba. sa part ko, nakaka-frustrate when they just listen to you siguro na-move konti so they start acting. pero when something happens kahit little lang. they easily leave what they started kahit that means great loss sa kanilang investment or future plans. so what i do, i just share my ideas when they ask or kung napapag-usapan. yung sundan ko pa yung next move nila tinigilan ko na. sakit lang sa bangs. hehehe

    sa akin, napi-feel ko ito sa work or kapag job hunting mode. parang what I'm looking for is yung hindi lang magbibigay sa akin ng kita or magandang pangalan sa resume... kundi something that i'll love to do.

  5. I get motivation during the weirdest times of the day like during bed time or right after waking up. And it fades away as soon as I get up LOL.



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