Monday, March 24, 2014

You Can't Hide With a Pen

Writing is not hiding. It's never safe. Even writing anonymously. At these times, anonymity is an illusion. You can choose to come up and attack one person or idea face to face and then vanish away safely amidst the confusion. Then defend by denying or insisting that you’ve been misunderstood or misquoted. Or just simply don’t show up again. But once you wrote about something, and published it, you present yourself openly and almost permanently for criticism and offense. And you have to live with it. Not that death would end it. 


  1. True! Like this post :) Kaya hindi porket may blog ka eh you will tell or post everything, sometimes you have to reserve it to yourself if ayaw mo iba ang tingin nila sayo.

  2. I agree. Kahit ako na my pseudonym ay nahuhuli din.

  3. i think mas nakikilala ako ng ibang tao o ng sarili ko mismo kapag nagsusulat ako. totoo rin yun mga vocabulary ka sa salita na iba sa pagsusulat gaya rin ng mga bagay na mas nai-express mo ang iyong sarili sa pagsusulat kaysa pagsasalita o vice versa.

    naalala ko tuloy na marami akong ginagamit na pseudonym gaya sa comment na ito. hehehe

  4. Yes, even me (whenever I write something that is totally against the flow), can never be safe - that's why I have my brains with me and as well as my two closed fists waiting for somebody to get thrown. (LOL)



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