Friday, May 16, 2014

Complaining Your Way Out

When I started working 10 years ago, I never knew what to expect in the world of professionals. I thought that I was equipped for it. When I was in college I was the president of the whole department student body and was able to work on lots of things that I thought was being done in the industries.  But I was proven wrong at the onset.  School environment was very far from it. Trying to make the transition easier, I made friends with some people that I thought were seasoned on breezing past within this new world I was embracing. I tried imitating them. We talked about our jobs and our bosses. Then they started complaining. I thought it was cool. So I also did it.
Complaining about something you can’t comprehend is understandable. But logically, it’s unacceptable. You can complain legitimately only about the things that you understand, not on those which you can't. We only have but cloud of doubts on things that we know nothing about.  And it just follows that you will have questions about those things.  But complaining about them won’t help your cause in any way either in agreement or in disagreement.

A lot of people say “I don't understand why some do this...blah blah”  then trailed it by complaints on the subject which they admit they cannot fathom. Complaining is supposedly reserved on things you know much about and which you think something better can be done about it.
Most problems that we complain about are things that lack our proper attention and understanding. For some, they choose to inspect and understand the whole of it. But there are those whose initial reaction is to burn their energy complaining endlessly about it without the initiative to comprehend but only to differ.

If you choose to understand, questions will be lesser and there will be more room for acceptance and wisdom. Repeat until you have little left to complain about but only solutions to propose on things which you initially deemed as complainable. 

10 years after, I meet new people. A glaring difference now is that there are more newbies at work who complain more than the newbies before. I may be wrong on my observation.  And I still hear stories from those I knew 10 years ago. There are those who outgrew their complaints, while some grew with them, or shrunk.   


  1. "You can complain legitimately only about the things that you understand, not on those which you can't." couldn't agree more! :)

  2. may connect dito ang cyerbullying Sir- binu-bully at nirereklamo ng iba yung tao o isyu na actually they don't know .
    and yes mga tao na they complain about their bosses or system pero wala rin naman ginagawa. yun lang mag-complain.

  3. Haha...this is my weakness. I complain a lot in the office. I know I have to improve my self in this area.



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