Friday, July 4, 2014

My Past, Present and My Kids' Future

I did not see myself where I am now 5 years ago. I knew that I'll be married. I was planning it. My wife, who was my girlfriend then, didn't know yet. I just told her when I proposed that same year later. Maybe she thought at first that I didn't have plans. I couldn't blame her. Going back to the present, I have my wife here with me and our two energetic kids. 

Going forward to the future, I don't know if my kids would plan to marry someday. They can choose not to. But if they do,  I only have one advise for each of them in choosing who they should marry someday.

For my son, pick someone who is like his mother. And for my daughter, choose someone who is far better than her father. If they can follow these advice, I'll be happy.


  1. As long as we live, we have a chance to be a better version of what we are now. I hope you still strive to be that better person, father and husband. Things may not appear to be the way you had envisioned them, but for sure, there is something good in what you have right now. Your wife, your kids and your realizations in life.

    I hope you can be that man, your daughter would look for in a future partner. They are still young though, many years ahead and many rooms for change...

    1. Thanks. Yes, we all have chance to improve as long as we are living. but as much as i can improve, I will always still prefer my daughter to find a partner better than her father. :)

  2. Magandang payo para sa iyong mga anak. :)
    Ako kaya kailan? hehehe.

  3. Happy Father's Day Sir! hehehe

    This post is heartwarming!



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