Saturday, July 19, 2014

Find Your End And Mean It

Try asking children about what they want to be someday. Then ask those in their teens the same question. Then inquire also from the older ones preferably those who are in the working age. You'll probably get different sets of results. You'll get bigger replies from the young ones while getting watered down responses as age increases.

We tend to become more practical and conservative as we age. It's because we are more able to gauge what we are capable of, what our environment gives us and what's more probable for us to achieve. Doing so gives us lesser pressure but it limits us from maximizing our potentials and from all possibilities of succeeding in larger things. 

It's not unusual for some to lose direction while moving on with their plans. Most dreams have something to do about health, wealth, relationships and self-fulfillment. You need to work hard to arrive at these things. As much as it is difficult to succeed, finding the means to get to these ends isn't child's play. Having a good education, landing a good job locally or abroad, working on a healthy diet and body workout, etc, etc. These are your possible means. But for many, these means become the end because of their improbability. The means become the "DREAM" rather than the tools to reach for it. 

Are your eyes fixed on the target?

And for some, they are lucky enough to be able to experience these means. But while they're at it, they tend to forget what they are doing it for in the first place. Then they just do it until they get tired and bored. Then one day, they will get satisfaction just by saying they did it one time and totally forgotten the ends to their means.

We all have targets to chase. Sometimes we hit, sometimes we miss. But many times, people miss targets not because they are not skilled to do so but ironically, it's merely by not shooting the arrow. They just thought that the arrow is enough of a prize for them. Then they get what they deserve for such thinking.

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  1. Good analogy for using the arrows (means) and targets (dreams).

    When I was a kid, I used to dream of being a rich man or being the Philippine president. I still dream about it but just in daydreams.

    As I grew older, I realized that having plenty of money or power is not important, or should not be the goals of man's life. I realized a better dream and that is meeting God.



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