Saturday, July 5, 2014

It's Not Social Media's Fault

Only a few people in our society are not yet exposed to social media or have not ever heard about it. The fact is we can define the last 10 years as the Social Media decade. 

Due to heavy usage of it, we hear people blame it for the dumbing down of most topics and issues. The attention of people are now shorter and most of us claim we are very busy that we don't have time to dig deeper into each of them. And in contrast, since voicing out thru social media is easier than researching, more opinions without enough basis are thrown heavily into the fray.

Arf! Arf!

A lot of times that it's not just about the knowledge of people that is lacking but also the consistency in the reactions and emotions. I will not be surprised to know that those who are fond of saying "don't be judgmental" on social media comments are also the same ones who are always on fire and on attack mode to bash and bully every person on news headlines who get caught on photos and videos in their bad day without being given the benefit of the doubt of what really happened.

Can we blame all of these on social media then? Or should we rather thank it for showing us the signs of what illness our society had been suffering for a long time? It's just that we're given this medium to magnify what we had been all this time. The challenge now is to find or make up the antidote. Can it also be found on social media? I hope so.


  1. Walang mali sa pagsulpot at paglaganap ng 'social media'.
    Ang mali ay ang paraan kung paano natin ito ginagamit.

  2. Sa tao yan. Kahit anong medium ang gamitin kung mali na ang ugali sy yun pa rin ang lalabas.

  3. "And in contrast, since voicing out thru social media is easier than researching." agree ako sa statement na ito.

    honestly, nowadays mas gusto ko na lang mag-PM and mag-promote kaysa magbabasa pa ng wall ko. Though kilala ko naman ka-Facebook ko, marami talaga ang nagpo-post lang ng rant, opinion and yabang factor. Hindi rin ako magtataka if may research na magsasabi na nagdadala ng depression ang kaka-social media kung ito lang naman din ang gagawin.

    and parang may nabasa na ako ng ganun. ma-search nga ulit.



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