Monday, August 4, 2014

Don't Judge, Read First

"Judging" is one of the most common words you will hear or read about. If you dislike or disagree with something or someone, you can't just say it directly or you will most probably be accused of judging. It's like for some, you just need to get along with what others do. You need to tolerate, they say.

Not going to the extremes like murder, rape, etc, there are certain human acts that we really can't just agree with. We have to make a stand since how we behave as human beings is based on our fundamental beliefs and characters. What would be your individuality like if you just go with the flow with about what everybody thinks, like and do?

So what does this got to do with judging? Judging is assuming. If you see one thing, then you can say that thing. Saying more than that is assuming. If you see someone punches a person in the face, you can say that violence is bad. That is not judging. You are judging though when you say that the person who punched is the one in the wrong side. There might be a sound reason for his aggression and that’s what you do not know. And you can’t judge him on that.

It’s a normal behavior for humans to justify the things we do wrong. We have to defend ourselves with reasoning. And the reasons behind what people do, we can’t judge them. But on the things we see that they do, we can always tell if they are bad or good. We can call them as we see them. And it is not judging.

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