Monday, August 4, 2014

The H Word

Hypocrisy is a word thrown around by many for those people who try to remind us about what good things are and which ones aren't. It’s like when a person did one thing wrong in the past, he can never be authoritative anymore to identify what a mistake is. I disagree that hypocrisy is the apt word for them but they sure get a lot of this name-calling every day.

In the past, we have these so called traits.  Like self-control which is to constrain yourself from doing away from the urges for the greater good, decency for doing things at the proper place and time and discipline for acting up right in all circumstances.

A person may have all of the above characters but that does not mean he won’t fall in doing the wrong things. There is still what we call weaknesses. And if it ever happens to him, it does not mean he’s a hypocrite. Mistakes are part of living. Being aware of doing something wrong is better than trying to justify what obviously is wrong while trying to put down the good words of others against it by using the word hypocrite and hoping that it will make his deed right.


  1. It's such a strong word. Sometimes, in good faith, you do stuff that are not consistent with what you think is right. Also, we're all in a journey. We grow, we improve, and we change. People sometimes judge our actions from a 'point-in-time' perspective.

    1. I agree Rae.As long as we're alive, we are bound to change and improve. And I love that judging from "point-in-time" perspective clause. Sakto sa sumunod kong post. :)



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