Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Imaginary Enemies of Insecurity

There’s a sudden increase of quotes and posters going around the social media that portray heroism out of underrated roles in the society. Or, are they really?

Playing the victim card is rampant not because people are real victims but most of the time, it is caused by insecurity. There are those who think that their roles in the society are lowly and that people look at them degradingly. Truth is, thinking low starts within the person himself, not from the outside. Unaware of this, an insecure person starts justifying his existence by magnifying and dramatizing his acts. And while doing so, he creates imaginary enemies like those whom he think are belittling his contributions and in the process doing ugly comparisons and ends up as the one guilty of degradation of the role of another person.

Insecurity is never a justification to put someone on a higher pedestal while dragging another one below. Insecurity is an illness of the society. Confidence is the better alternative. Confidence is to understand that what you do is important for who you care for and not for the others to care about

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