Sunday, December 21, 2014

Time and Space and Life and Love

What does life has to offer? What can I offer to life?
When you ask for a pillow, you’ll be given a knife.
And then you ask yourself, what it is that I see.
Is this my imagination, or is it the reality?

There are days that I want to shed all negativity,
Though circumstances take me off my objectivity,
Trying hard to get things going, acting like a hero,
While the easiest thing to do is just to let go.

An ordinary human would succumb to all these pain,
And nothing could be done to keep a person sane.
That would happen certainly if you are all alone,
Thus like a weakly kingdom with a queen-less throne.

There’s always a Divine plan, but we’re given a free choice,
Which makes it tough to follow while fighting all the noise.
But directions from above will always be the pure one,
With a clear mind you will know when things are to be done.

It was never perfect, but is relatively near.
With you beside me, there are few things that I fear
One is the thought of not having you with me,
It’s like living in this world when there’s nothing else to see.

We’ve shared all this love that is bountiful and overflowing,
That adds up these two beating hearts, so lively and fulfilling,
To them we part our joys, our present and our future,
That no matter how hard this life is, together we’ll endure.

Beautiful portions of my life, most of the reason is you,
From the deepest pits of it, you’ve always pulled me thru,
The smallest things you do push me to stand up,
The biggest deeds you make pull me back to where we start.

Time and space have always been so important,
But being beside you makes these things irrelevant,
Adding up these two kids, the four of us together,
Having you all close to me, I want now to be forever.

Happy birthday to my wife Cel. Thank you and I love you.

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