Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Putting Politics of Personality in Place

One reason why we can't move on as a country comes with our penchant of following the politics of personality. It's like tagging our selves as a kapuso or a kapamilya. Whether the show they are showing you is trash or not is out of the question. If it's from the network you love, you'll defend it with your life.

Same in politics. We vote for our leaders. We suppose to choose leaders based on platforms and ideals. But the reality is with the way we elect, there are no platforms needed. Only personalities. If the person has charisma and likable, that person will be voted. And once elected, without clear platforms, he'll do and say things that people will just believe on everything he says. They won't question his decisions and actions. It may have a negative impact but people will put it aside by saying, we're better off with this person compared to his predecessors or his possible next in line. And if someone criticizes that leader, you will be tagged as anti-government, anti-admin or a supporter of someone corrupt. Or that you are paid to do that. 

And even if it's the action of that person you are criticizing, you will still be tagged the same way when you are criticizing the person. This is where the problem becomes obvious. For many, they are not able to separate persons from actions. No one's perfect they say. True. Then if that's the case, how could you think that the person you are supporting can't make wrong decisions if you believe he's not perfect? Accountability. Have you heard of it? That's where leadership lies upon. If there's none, then there's no leadership.  Let's start discussing the issues isolated from the personalities from now on. Make these things the talking points in choosing our next leaders.

PPPP - Putting politics of personality in place. Let's do it now.


  1. So true. Pinoys identify themselves with the the politician that they are supporting to the point that an attack to that politician is considered an attack to themselves. Kaya nga mga pikon yung mga supporters ni Noynoy. Kasi kapag na-criticize si Noynoy iniisip nila na sila ang tinitira o ang pamilya nila. Sinasarado na ang utak sa matinong usapan.

  2. Minsan mahirap na magsalita, manuligsa dahil nga baka ma-tag na anti- .... looking at it, things are starting to change, more filipinos are becoming for outspoken and brave enough to share their thoughts. With that, we do hope to put more credible leaders in the office in the future. May pag-asa pa ang Pinas :)



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