Saturday, March 7, 2015

Kind Enough to Care for Your Own Kind

I love eating meat. I used to buy shares of mining companies from the stock market. I used to drive a 1.8L 16 yr old gas guzzling car. I joined the earth hour only once and it was during its inception.  I love going to the zoo. Okay, that’s enough. I don’t want more people to get mad at me, especially those who passionately care for things that are affected by those I mentioned and I respect their choices.

We all care for something and advocacies are born out of the collective concerns. We give it to things which are important for us and which we think contribute to the completeness of our own existence.  With all these movements and groups calling out for protection of almost everything around us, isn’t it quite scandalous that we still can’t get our act in protecting our own kind?  Until now, we don’t have common grounds on protecting the human rights. We still kill babies, neglect the hungry, ignore the needy, disregard the elderly and murder our neighbors or enjoying the news about it, while there’s the other guy calling for the protection of the cockroaches from merciless pest killers.

Unless we start showing an authentic wardship of our own specie, all other advocacies are doomed to fail. Once we truly understand dignified human living, caring for everything around us will follow. We can’t expect human to care for other things while it couldn’t show real care for its own kind. 

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