Saturday, December 29, 2012

Church, Tax.. let's take a look

I often see lot of people rant about churches not being taxed. I find it hard to see how some people keep turning a blind eye on these churches which have visible charitable institutions going on for centuries like orphanages, homes for the old people, hospitals and others helping millions of people around the world. And using money coming only from donations of members making the deed a collective effort without one single person credited for it. And each of these people already paid their taxes and given their contribution to the Church for a good cause. So taxing this money again will not make this people suffer but the beneficiaries in their institutions.

And these critics probably haven't heard about some of those billionaire businessmen who get away from paying taxes by setting up and donating to their "foundations" and "charitable institutions". And the whole world is giving them all the credit for all these “good deeds” using the money we paid by buying their over hyped and overpriced items.  There are too many of them yet how visible these “foundations” are compared to what the Church have. I saw and know a few of them that really works anyway. but how about you?  Anyway, that is really not the point but I hope you get it.


  1. These just people just hate the Church. They hate the fact that this 2000+ old institution does not let itself be swayed by the world and continue it role of being the world's conscience.

    People in the dark hate it when they are exposed to the light. The Church is the bearer of that Light.



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