Sunday, December 2, 2012

Tag Me, Tag Me Not

I call myself "stupid" or "dumb" automatically whenever I do something... stupid. I sometimes think I deserve it but no one really does. We are all born with a margin of error.  We're allowed the same tolerance to forgive others and ourselves.  I know I'm stupid to call my self stupid. Oops, I did it again (oops, britney).

Years ago, calling a lady "bitch" would cause you a slap on your face. But today, women started calling themselves "bitches" and are proud of it. And then calling somebody a "helper" or "katulong" is now offensive and derogatory. What's wrong with helping? Meanwhile, voicing disagreement to others' belief makes you intolerant. Then that makes someone saying another person is intolerant is also not tolerant. Then who's tolerant now?


Before, greeting others using their traditional holiday terms is very okay. But now, saying "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas" is preferable to avoid divisiveness. Interestingly, others refer people of different faiths as "kapatid" or "brethren/brother/sister", but they get the pleasure in calling those who share their same belief system bad names. And open-mindedness to not so few means you are accepting the things they are saying. Otherwise you are blinded.

Yes I am. Surprised?

This is the time where the idea of political correctness is thrown around rampantly. But it's also the same time when the meaning of political correctness ceases to be politically correct.

We need to start accepting that we have our own misconceptions and that there are limitations to what we know of this world. Because if we can't tolerate ourselves, then trying to tolerate others is a big joke. 

This will never be a laughing matter while we continue trying to give different meaning to innocent things while mixing up the good with the bad or branding ourselves unintelligently for the sake of uniqueness. This is until we end up as the punchline to our own life's joke.


  1. Nice! ur post remind me how stupid I am. oops sorry to myself. My point ka sir. Iba na nga ang panahon ngayon :)

    1. you're not, archie. isa ka sa malulupit na blogger na kaibigan ko. pero yup, iba na ngayon. :)

  2. Reading this line -- And then calling somebody a "helper" or "katulong" is now offensive and derogatory. What's wrong with helping? -- was like hearing myself talk! It's wonderful to hear someone else express the same sentiment.

    I think because of the way things are in our culture, a lot of people tend to look down on household help as a job. It's easy to forget that the job of helpers carries with it a certain dignity, too. It's probably the bad treatment some helpers are given that paint a bad image of this profession.

    1. Thanks Ms. D for dropping by. :)

      Di ako masanay talaga sa term na "kasambahay". It doesn't make much sense. What if the helper is not a stay in, then how would we call her now? Wala lang, naguguluhan lang ako. masyadong sensitive ang marami sa tin at the same time, masyado rin namang mapagbigay ng di magandang kahulugan sa mga salita.

  3. I agree. Taking it further, "kasambahay" denotes merely kasama natin sa bahay, while "katulong" means tumutulong. Eh di ba mas accurate pa nga ang "katulong"? And to me that means much more about the sense of service the person carries out.

    Pano ba'ng gagawin ko para ma-notify ako tuwing may reply sa comments ko dito? :-D I just saw the URL to this entry of your blog on my blog's stats eh, kaya dumaan ako ulit dito.

    1. Di ko rin po kung pano yung notification pag sa ibang blog na comments. Baka si ish may idea. hehehe.

      Yup. parang walang meaning yung kasambahay. Kasi lahat ng tao na kasama natin sa bahay e puedeng ganon tawagin. Para ring similar pa yan sa ka-dorm, kaboarding house, ka-apartment.



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