Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Why I Am Crazy About Beginnings

Giving talks to new joiners in my previous company was one of the things I love doing.  I spoke about some technical matters and processes. But I liked it more when I discussed about the company’s core values. Two of them which I strongly believed in are stewardship and integrity.  Most of my attendees were fresh graduates. Their eyes glowed with hope and excitement.  At that point, anything was possible for them.  A lot of things were within their reach. They had a clean slate. For them, it was a start of something new. A beginning.        
A beginning is when we usually plan our directions. And this is also where the reasons of what we’re doing are clear and fresh. Our objectives are in fine print. We know our agenda by heart.  Then we start to work towards our destination.

It’s not just in our jobs. It can be another thing. Like going to school. I can still remember my first day at kindergarten.  I was very excited to wear my uniform, bring my bag and school stuffs.  I wanted to meet new friends. And most of all, I was looking forward to learn from my teacher. After 16 years of studying, I can’t say that I never got sidetracked by a lot of happenings around me. Temptations were part of a student’s life. Partying, vices, material stuffs, worldly pleasures, etc.  Stories about people who got allured and succumbed to these things are a dime a dozen. Fortunately I survived schooling without forgetting my main objective and priority of why I was there. I went to school to gain knowledge. Knowledge that I’d be able to use in my future. 

Keep your eye on the target

Like a birth of an infant, a beginning is when the energy is overflowing. The parents are full of optimism. They see limitless possibilities for their child. They like to do everything and give anything for their kid. But a lot of times, the “doing everything” is what bewilders them and they lose focus on the “for the child” part. I hope I won’t be a victim of that circumstance. By writing this down, maybe I would be reminded later on.

Beginnings are there for a purpose. It can serve as a refresher when we get distracted away from our target. Like how a troubled couple can go back to the memories of their budding romance when they were younger. It rarely fails to light up the fire. For it reminds them of how happy they were by just being together. And it retells why they are beside each other at the present. It makes them remember their promises at the start that they will love each other until the end no matter what.

Going back to start isn't always that bad.

Whenever I gave orientations to new joiners, I found myself feeling that familiar enthusiasm I had when I started with my job.  I had to exude that aura. I ensured that the audience felt that. That enthusiasm made me stay there for seven years. I had a goal when I began my job there.  Then I left.  A bigger beginning was imminent at that time and that decision was a more suitable option.  And my angry-self was concerned about me and asked me to make a healthier choice. For every target, there’s always a bigger one behind. Our focus must lie there. Our aim should not be distracted by other goals that come our ways. Our purpose and priority must always be what’s fundamental in our being and what’s necessary.  And in case of aversion from our goal, keep in mind that each moment can be a point where you can create a new beginning to do the right thing.


  1. definitely true...every closed door makes you look for that next open door...a new beginning...:) thanks for sharing...love the post...:)


  2. New beginnings. Takot talaga ako jan. :( Pero ngayon I'm learning, and Im trying. HARD! HAHAH!

    About naman sa school. Nung freshmena ko, hindi ako excited, kabado pa kamo. :D HAHAH! Pero nung sophomore to senior years, yun, super excited! ;)

    I like how you used snakes and ladders as an illustration about "going back", especially about our promises.

    Very inspiring post!

    1. You're welcome and thanks din. Nakakatakot talaga ang beginnings. nakakakaba yet exciting. pero almost in every experience we have, madalas ang isa sa pinakamemorable ay kung paano tayo nagsimula at paano tayo nagtapos. :)

  3. Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.

    Thanks for this inspiring post :)
    Have a good day!

  4. ako naman lageh scary yung mga beginnings sakin. kahit nga relationship scary. kaya usually settled ako sa kung anong nkasanayan.

    1. Scary talaga yan pero exciting. :) salamat sa pagbisita.

  5. But a lot of times, the “doing everything” is what bewilders them and they lose focus on the “for the child” part.

    So true. Naalala ko tuloy yung The Rise of the Guardians. The guardians do everything to make kids happy but they forgot about the kids. Nangyayari sa atin yan and in my case it happens to me every day. I get sidetracked from my day's goal and get distracted by a lot of things na hindi naman essential.

    1. Di ko pa napapanood yang Rise of the Guardians. If may chance, try ko panoorin yan.

      Oo,kahit ako bro nasisidetrack. Andami talagang sumasalubong kasi sa ating mga bagay na maganda pero di talaga importante. Kaya need talaga magfocus tayo sa kung ano ang importante.:)

  6. i super like this post! kailangan ko ito now sa punto ng aking buhay. hehehe

    and yes, nakak-tense pero nakaka-excite ang mga bagong experience. mas humble ka, mas bukas kang matuto and at the same ang taas ng level ng faith mo.


    1. Salamat Madam Hoshi. :)

      Mukhang may bagong "pagsisimula" na nagaganap sa iyong buhay ngayon ah? Good luck sa iyong endeavor. God bless Madam Hoshi. :)



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