Friday, August 19, 2016

Dealing with the News

Tips on how we could address government news and actions less the emotional stress and baggage:

1. Controversial but not essential - for entertainment purposes only. And usually it is there to cover on something that people needs to be focused on. So better be on the lookout. Dont get yourself dragged into the mud pit. Not everything we see at the surface is what it really is. Originally, this is number 3 on the list but I thought this might be what's more important.

2. Good news - It is always great. And it's their job. Let's be thankful then move on with our lives. That's what our votes and taxes should worth anyway. But be cautioned that not all things that seemed to be good are really that good. The devil is always in the details.

3. Bad news - Criticize. Until they listen, improve, act and falls on number 2. Or if you dont care, move on. Let the critics do their work since what they want to happen is also for the most of us. And if the critics are up to no good, most of the time they wont succeed. People would realize it anyway. Same caution as number 2 but in reverse.

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