Friday, August 19, 2016

Us vs Them

The "us vs them" tactic has been one of the oldest plays in the book yet it still is so effective until today. A lot of us engage in politics yet we seemed aren't coping that we keep letting our guards down and pinning all our hopes to individuals forgetting that most of our leaders are cut from the same mold and gone thru the same system.
Their characters though matter and it is what makes some do better than the others. But better not hold your breath from thinking that someone would be the savior that you've been waiting for.
Let them do their jobs. We already gave them our votes. It's their job to deliver. They have the power and machinery to defend themselves. It's not your job to do that for them. It's not about you or your vote anymore. It's not about the rich against the poor nor the literates against the less knowledgeable. It's not about one party against another party, not one camp against one camp, nor one politician against another one as these things should just happen for a day and that's during the election. But for the rest of our lives, it's us the people against anyone who would deny what is rightly ours. That's where the real "us vs them" should fall into play.

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