Sunday, March 3, 2013

3 Things Which Decrease The More You Think About Them

I'm always occupied into thinking about anything. To the point that it gets in my way of doing something.  That causes a lot of perception about me being lazy. But the truth is I work hard. But only in the mind. Oh no, I'm not doing an excuse. I'm just trying to think of some ways that will make my work easier. But most of the time, it's taking the same length of time for me to think of a better  way compared with by doing it the way it is usually done. So I think I must also think of ways to improve my way of thinking about improving  my ways. What do you think?


We think about a lot of stuffs. We all want to improve. And when we want to be better at something, we put a lot of thinking about it. We try to figure out how we can be ahead of ourselves. But there are things that gets better the less we are concerned about them. The more we burden ourselves to think about them, the more we get worse on it. Like these things:

1.   Maturity - I had been overestimating my maturity. And I cannot be the only one.  A lot of us do. And the more we talk and think about our maturity, the more it appears that we lack it. Maturity happens without us thinking about it. It is one thing that we don't need to tell other people that we have it. Especially the real mature ones. They can sense it from afar. How? I don't know. Better ask them.

2.   Discrimination - The more we are concerned about discrimination, the more we commit it. Discrimination, and the avoidance of it, makes people more sensitive to color, race, ethnicity, gender, etc. I discussed it longer on this post.

3.   Honesty - It is either you are honest or not. If you are thinking about "being honest", then most probably you are not. You are just it. But if you are dishonest, you can start to do it now. Don't think about being honest. Just be.

I think I just jeopardized myself on this post. I am talking about not to think about these things but then I just wrote about them. And it probably made you think about them also.I'm sorry. It could be a sign of my immaturity again, honestly.


  1. Workwise, that's called analysis paralysis. :P

    I used to that a lot. But I set my 'thinking' a deadline, and I usually stop when that deadline comes, and I do the "just do it" rule. It helped in the long run, coz now I feel like I think faster. Or maybe I'm just forced to because of the deadline thing.

  2. Number 1 is true. Mature people don't need to tell others they are mature, they show them.

  3. oh yes... agree ako... napaka thought provoking ng mga ideas na meron sa post na ito... nakakadugo ng utak... pdng paki tagalog for me? hehehe

  4. yes, minsan yung mga taong maxadong outspoken about being mature and honest ang mga numerong unong mga epic fails.. let our actions speak for us ika nga nila.

  5. Im trying to be honest lagi kasi yan nalang ang maipagmamalaki natin diba.
    Maturity, sa tingin ko naman na reach ko na ang level ng maturity ko hehehe.
    Thank you for visitingmy blog ha:)

  6. I thing I thought about these stuff too. Nakarelate lang.



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