Monday, March 18, 2013

I Will Never Treat You as an Equal

We always wanted to be treated equally. And we also hear many people calling for it nowadays. Equality, they say. But what does that mean? I’m not sure. Because before, I tried to treat everyone as an equal. When I discuss or argue with women, I treated them as an equal. When I talk with people above my age, again, I treated them as an equal. I did not disrespect them. I just talked with them as how I think they should treat me at that point.. Just a straight forward discussion with a person whom I view as my equal.  But after doing that, people called me ungentlemanly and disrespectful of the elders.

So this is how I understood what people truly like. Equal treatment is not really what we want. What we had always been looking for is a better treatment from others. Not equal but better. But do we get it? No. Not always at least. And we can’t get it unless we stop wanting it. Therefore, we must first give it. 

Rather than seeing others as our equal, we must treat each person we meet every day as someone more special and more important than us. No one or just very few will cry “inequality” or “discrimination” from our actions if we do so. That false sense of entitlement and pride is what primarily gives us that feeling of disappointment and mistreatment from others. But once we stop wanting to be treated better and start focusing on how we address other people, we’ll end up less disappointed. We’ll feel better about ourselves and other people. And when most of us do it, we’ll no longer need to ask to be treated better by others. They will just do it.


  1. True. Equality OVERRATED. It is a word invented by people who loves to generalize everything. Closing the eyes not to see the differences of people's individuality.

  2. Could not have been said better.

  3. I agree... Galing ng mga points mo rito... totoo naman we all want better treatment... hmmmnnnn... better not equal...

  4. Yes, I agree, we can never treat everyone equally. Madalas kung paano tayo pinakikitunguhan ay ganuon din ang pakikitungo natin. Show people some respect and most probably, you'll earn respect from them....But then case to case basis pa rin. Minsan, wala ka namang ginagawa against them pero ayaw pa rin nila sa iyo. It's ok but at least be at peace with yourself.

  5. Pero minsan kase nakakasawa na din mag care sa ibang tao. Yung tipong ikaw na lng ng ikaw ang nage-effort na magbigay tapos in return wala ka din mapapala. Hindi ka nila nakikita at pinahahalagahan.... sigh!

  6. This is what we call humility. No matter what kind of person you meet, humility will cause you to treat others better than you. You will not feel bad when people look down on you because you already lowered yourself first.

  7. Jesus was born in a humble manger. He reached out to us as a humble servant. I don't even think he became flesh to become "equal" to us. He came even in a status notches "below" us. Why? Because no matter what He said (says), a LOT of us don't LISTEN. And DON'T even give a damn. Yet He doesn't give up on us.

    Thanks Rogie for this very timely reflection about humility.

  8. naalala ko tuloy yung isang quote "di porket mas matanda ka eh ikaw na ang tama", nabasa ko lang yun somewhere eh.

    Humility, ikaw na ang dapat magpapakumbaba sa isang tao kung sa tingin niya eh di equal ang pagtrato mo sa kanya dahil nakikipagpaligsahan ka ng mga alam sa buhay. Pero may point din si Fiel-Kun, nakakasawa din kasi :\\ na lagi ikaw yung mbait pero... tama din si Burn haha... si Jesus nga di nagsawang maging humble eh :DD

    pero basta... ang gulo ko diba?

  9. i agree maraming ganyan. they cry for equal treatment but personally they don't do that. It's not about gender, status, or education but instant good conduct. bakit ka hahara sa daan if you know daanan ng tao. bakit ka uupo ng pabukaka when you know may katabi ka. napaka-rampant ng ganito sa mga public vehicles.

    i have always special concern sa mga matatanda pero sad to say din may mga matatandang ewan.ilang beses na ba akong tinabig at natamaan ng payong na nakasukbit sa kili-kili nila. ouch ah alam ng siksikan ang mga tao doon ilalagay. heheheh

    but my wish na sana ay magkaroon ng special service sa mga senior citizen para hindi sila akyat manaog sa mga overpass at makipagsiksikan sa tren,jeep at bus.

  10. ay super true. i never believe in equality in all things. pero dapat me discretion tayo kung paano i treat yung isang tao. wag maging masyadong provoking. hehehe

  11. Same goes to riding on LRT. You've been standing along during the busiest and crowded time (Taft to Monumento)when someone just got-up in front you. Realizing no one wants the seat (and no ladies nearby and since you're the closest to the free seat), you took it. A station passed and a lady was in front of you. I'd rather not give her the seat. They already have the first car for themselves and the elderly and pregnant. If they want to be treated special, avoid mingling on the "ordinary" cars because they'll encounter some unlikely things.

    People wanted to be treated equal. 'Girl Power' they say, but they want free seats on LRT/MRT. They let their man to carry the things she own. The elderly taking advantage of their age by cutting the lines in the supermarket--- considering they're not the degrading elderly but those of who can still do a 5km run.

    My take, people wanted to be treated equally without realizing the capacity of doing such. Tell a group of animals to equally challenge them to a test by climbing a tree: a turtle, a goose, a horse, a fish and a monkey.

    Why not treat everybody FAIRLY and not EQUALLY? I think that makes more sense, IMO.

  12. galeng galeng ni sir rogie :)

    ako naman ang napansin ko lang

    may mga grupo na humihingi ng "equality" pero kung analyse talaga natin

    hindi equality ang gusto nila

    ang gusto nila tanggapin natin as tama ang ginagawa nila kahit mali yun or imoral

    so ang hirap ng sitwasyon ngayon

    pag hindi ako "nag-agree" ibig sabihin "inaapi" ko na sila



    it's difficult to take a stand kase it could mean losing friends :(



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