Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Enemy of Sacrifice

We all do a lot of things everyday. And most of it, we do them not just for our self. Mostly for people important to us.  We sweat out the difficult stuffs for their welfare. Sacrifice. That’s the exact word.

Sacrifice is noble. It is a very good deed.  Just like the heroes and the saints who sacrificed their lives for the benefit of many.  The OFWs who work far away from their families and sometimes in a hostile place just to provide the needs of their families. Soldiers who put their lives in danger to protect the country’s sovereignty. Athletes who train hard to achieve honors for their country. And normal people like us who do our day to day job to earn for what our loved ones need.

Each of us is a hero to someone. And these actions are unselfish until we start talking about it. Though the value of sacrifice decreases when we whine or brag. And even at times when we try to sound downplaying what we do but which a disguise to attract more attention to our act.

People do not need to know how hard it is, what was given in exchange of it or how many people benefit from what we are doing. In contrary, humility and silence highlight sacrifice more than anything.


  1. I too have thought about doing sacrifices. I honestly admit that I sometimes whine when I do something, especially when it's already out of what I can do.

    PERO, while I was listening to the homily a while ago, I was enlightened. :) Learn what your problem is, what does that problem do to you, how that problem defines you as a person, how that problem defines our God, and to what that problem brings us. Yan daw ang kailangang itanong sa sarili kung may problem coming. :D As always, nice post idol!

  2. Tamah :))

    There's no love without sacrifice and stay humble at all times :))

  3. ay super true. maraming nagpapakumbaba kunwari para ma praise lang.

  4. personally sometimes, hirap ako sa ganyang sitwasyon. I mean gusto mong tahimik na gumawa pero may mga taong sadyang ganito ang tingin sa yo hanggat hindi ka nagpapakilala. mayroon din naman na lumalayo ka na para wag ka na lang mapansin pero pinu-push ka naman ng mga taong malapit sa iyo. tas kapag nagpakilala ka naman parang sobrang biglang laking pagbabago sa pakikisama- kung hindi pangit, OA.

    pero sa kabuuan, malaki ang magagawa ng pagpapakumbaba. maililigtas ka nito sa kapahamakan, gulo at kahihiyan.

  5. This "Each of us is a hero to someone." and this "humility and silence highlight sacrifice more than anything" is the best phrase I read in months. Made my day dude :) Ang galing.



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