Thursday, April 4, 2013

It Took Me 365 Days to Realize Why I Blog

When I started this blog a year ago, what I wanted was to simply start with something I always thought of doing. I wanted to communicate to people. Ideas and information are churning in my mind and were always waiting to be served to anyone, hot or cold.  I always told people around me that I wanted to blog. So I ended the procrastination and came up with “The Ignored Genius” 

033113 is TIG's first birthday

So I began writing. I started sharing whatever ideas that came up to my mind.  But I didn’t have a hint of what I exactly wanted to do.  I just write and post them on my blog. I don’t even know if people care about what I’m doing. I can’t say I didn’t care whether people notice about what I write. Of course I do. If not, I could have just created a personal diary instead of a public blog. So I focused on promoting it. I created a Facebook page, a Twitter account and then later on a Google Plus page. And then I started to become active again on several forums I am a member of.  So I got more views. And I posted often.  I thought that blogging is simply about wanting to write and having people read them. And putting that “want” into action and then that’s it.

But I realized I’m not good in maintaining doing what I want. Every time I try to do something and get myself into the groove at the onset, I just lose zeal in doing it in the long run. Especially if I find myself being and getting good at it.  Just good, not excellent or exceptional.  I’m quite a mediocre type of person that I get satisfied by just being good or even just potentially good at something. Therefore, just wanting to write can’t be a good motivation for me to blog. I will run out of gas in a few months.

Need to refill.

As I hop thru some other sites, I noticed that more than half of those who created their blogs were not able to sustain it for over a year.  I’m not certain of the reasons. Maybe same as mine. My blog might end up just like them ‘til the day I get drained of ideas and enthusiasm.

But I’m lucky that the opposite is happening. The more I write, the more I know about myself. The more I learn about what’s important to me. The more I realize what I feel and what I want. And the more I get stuck on this blog. So after a year, I get to know more solid reasons why I’m doing this.They might help you also with your blog or whatever you’re doing now so I’m sharing them:

1.       I’m happy – During drinking sessions with friends, most of the time it’s the happiest guy who talks a lot. And then there are many girls who will surely contact their girl friends right after an exciting experience like getting a smile from their crushes or a close encounter with a celebrity. I’m like that. I’m happy with my life and I want my happiness to be contagious. I have problems but I’m happy. And even problems can be a cause of greater happiness once solved.  And being sad won’t fix problems so I rather choose to be happy while at it. And I’m blogging my happiness. 

2.       I’m angry – Again on drinking sessions, other than the clowns in the group, the “galit sa mundo” type or the “grumpies” are the ones who won’t stop complaining about anything. The government, the people at their work, their neighbors, their families, road traffic, slow internet connection, etc.  We all meet them everyday and we sound just like them sometimes. I got tired hearing myself saying the same things so rather than just whining about these things, I think of solutions. And then I blog them.

3.       I’m contented – There are always the hard times and the easy times. What we do on the easy times make the hard times not too hard. And that would give us ease and contentment. And these are some of the things I like to share on this blog. Those stuffs that I do during the easy times. And hoping that people would get a thing or two from it to help them preparing for their own hard times.

4.       I’m dreaming – I care more about the present. This is where all the actions are. Past is done. And future is just coming. But doing things at the present without having targets in the future is like playing basketball without a hoop. But I don’t have too many goals now. Unlike before that I wanted to achieve a lot of things. It’s not that I stopped dreaming big. But to make sure that good things happen to me in the future, I focused myself in aiming on just one target. That one target is to make myself a better person tomorrow than I am yesterday thru what I’m learning today.

5.       I’m disappointed – There are two kinds of things that disappoint us, those we can change and those we cannot. I write about those things I can change to remind myself that I must act on it to avoid getting disappointed by the same things again. And to those which I can’t do anything about, I choose to ignore and avoid them. 

6.        I’m learning – A person must have knowledge about certain things to be able to write something. But one can’t continue writing something when he stops learning. And by writing, I realize more that I know very little. And that I must learn more so I can write more. There are many responsibilities in writing and learning is one of them

7.     I want to be immortal – Death always comes into mind. Everyday. Sounds morbid but ironically, death is my strongest motivation to do the things I have to do. That includes blogging. Death can come anytime. But I won’t let it stop me from doing things that might help other people. Especially to my family and my son. Or even to other people’s children. I may not be with him tomorrow but at least, I can still communicate to him thru this blog. He will have his opinions, but at least I wrote about things that will help him rethink his ideas. I’m not forcing him to think the same way as I do. But I’m forcing him to think. And he can’t reply to my blog anymore. It will be a one sided affair. And that will be my super power because I will be immortal once that happens.

Take a bite and be immortal.  

My blog's first anniversary was last March 31 so it's not really 365 days but 369. For the past year, sometimes I get disappointed about what's happening to my blog but at the same time I'm contented with the good things coming to me because of it. Everything's a mix of the above 7 items. And most of the time I ended up writing not only because of one reason but a mix of them. And what's certain is that all of these words will add up to my immortality and you just have to bear with it. Thanks.


  1. Oh come on, Sir Rogie. I think that you are exceptional. Though you may not accept it, I am claiming it for you, and I think that people watching your blog and your posts will agree with me, too.

    Congrats for making it on the critical stages of a blogger, as you have mentioned. Though I'm one of the wavering bloggers who might just leave the blogspace, I think I got an inspiration, to push further and continue blogging.

    Again, congrats. More and more articles to write and for us to read. :D

    1. Salamat sa iyong pagsuporta bro. And i'm happy to know na naiinspire ko kayo sa mga sinusulat ko. :)

  2. Huwaw, Isang taon na rin pala ang lumipas at eto ngayon, kaarawan na pala ng iyong munting blog house :))

    Happy Birthday sa iyong beloved blog and keep the passion burning lang. Write lang ng write. Normal lang ang sabaw moments. Basta do what you love to do because nothing can stop you.


    1. Salamat bro sa pagbati at words of encouragement. Will keep that in mind. :)

  3. well, happy 370th day of blogging :)

    Your blog shows how genius you are, contrary to the blog name, you are not ignored :)
    Cheers and more blogposts to come!

  4. Happy Anniv, The Ignored Genius! :)

    1. Thank you Michy. Salamat din sa advises mo nung naguumpisa pa lang ang TIG. :)

  5. Tama we became immortal by what we write and blog. That somehow , our influence never stop kahit na wala na tayo dito sa mundo. Ang emo ko lang.

    Ang kyut may birthday cake tlga. malapit n pla ako mag two years. Pwedeng pahingi konti ng flaming passion sa pagsusulat. I running out of gas. haha..

    Continue to be an inspiration to us :)

    1. Yup, si wife ko nakaisip ng cake para sa TIG. :) sige makihati ka sa flame bro, puedeng manggaling dun sa candle. hehehehe. Salamat din sa yo at naiinspire din ako sa mga isinusulat mo. Keep the fire burning and more power :)

  6. yey!

    happy anniv!

    galeng naman :)

    ako naman i blog because it keeps my sanity

    i can't stop thinking and i just have to write down my thoughts

    anyway, keep on blogging!

    may sense itong blog mo eh :)

    1. Salamat Manila Street. :) Will visit your blog always din. ;)

  7. hapi bday to you blog!
    i'm one of the many readers of TIG :)

    "i'm learning"
    "i want to be immortal"

    -ito rin ang ilan sa mga reasons ko kung bakit ako nag-blog :)

    1. Tara na at magkita tayo sa eternity bilang mga imortal. hehehehe. Salamat pareng jep. :)



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