Friday, July 5, 2013

Forget Equality

Equality sounds good. But it's never possible. Each human being is different. You are in an advantage and disadvantage at the same time. Absolute equality is boring. If we are all equal then nobody will need anybody. Equality is lonely. 

What we truly need is respect and acceptance of our differences. In fact, we can't do anything else better than this. I am different. You are different. We are all unique. Accept it. Respect it. Witness it. Live it. Live with it. Don't kill for it. The world will be better.


  1. Tama!!!!! Pasok n pasok sa banga!!! Respect and acceptance

  2. So what? You're another person, so of course you look different. Walang dapat ikahiya diba? ^_^

    Respect and Acceptance, that's the main keywords here :))

  3. And I believe that many of those people who push equality for everyone and on themselves are people who are jealous or envious of another person who has that he has not, and the another person who he is and he, nothing of himself.

  4. Sa isang perspective, tama ito. May irony din ang equality. Halimbawa: equal across the board salary increase - benefit sa mga di gaanong masisipag at unfair sa mga masigasig magtrabaho. Isa pang halimbawa: Respeto. Kelangan mo munang i-earn ang respeto, bago mo i-expect na bibigyan ka ng respeto. Although, there's such a thing as respect to a human being, iba sya sa reverence that you give to people who actually deserve it. I can't give an equal level of respect to someone who doesn't really deserve it. There's such a thing as relative equality.

    And there's also such a thing as interdependence. Tulad ng sinabi mo, iba-iba tayo. Iba-iba tayo ng talento at mas madami tayong makakamit kung magtutulungan. We have strengths and weaknesses and that's normal. If you're strong at some points, help someone who's weak in that aspect, and vice versa.



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